Where to Shop this Christmas!

by - December 19, 2015

Hello and welcome back! So, Christmas is in just a few days and I am so excited. I absolutely love this time of year and giving gifts is so much fun! I actually have all my shopping done and that almost never happens, so I am pretty proud of myself. I have compiled a list of some stores that I shopped at and decided to share my favorites with you!

1. American Eagle
I absolutely love American Eagle jeans, so American Eagle is always my go-to store when I am shopping. I did not buy any gifts from here, but I did go here with my dad so he could get me some jeans. They had some pretty good sales and they were giving $20 off $75 coupons for each purchase.

2. Aeropostale
I am in love with Bethany Mota's collection, so I had to stop here. Everything in the store is currently up to 70% off! I got a sweater from Bethany Mota's collection for $11. How amazing is that? They also have the CUTEST fuzzy socks! Check out my Instagram to see the pair I got.

3. Ulta
Ulta is my go-to store when I need makeup that I cannot get from the drugstore. They have a rewards program that is so beneficial if you are going to shop there regularly.

4. Victoria's Secret
I am honestly obsessed with Victoria's Secret and they had some pretty great deals! And if you are a PINK member, you get some pretty cool member-only deals!

5. Target
Yes, I said it. Target. Target has so much at every price range, so it is definitely a great place to go.

6. Bath and Body Works
Do you like to smell good? Yes? So do I. Bath and Body works is amazing and has a gift that would be perfect for your mom, your sister, or even yourself (hey, sometimes we need to spurge on ourselves).

What is your next step? Go shopping! Get in the car and finish that shopping! Or.. you can totally shop online and hope your gifts come in time for Christmas. I hope that you enjoyed this post and there are plenty more coming your way.


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