Let's Talk: Why I've Been Absent

by - May 05, 2016

Hello friends! I am so glad that you are here and if this is your first time here, welcome to my little corner of the internet! Please look around and check out my social media because I love to keep in contact and talk to you all.

This post is kind of a serious one. There has been a lot going on in my life and I really just want to talk to you all about where I'm at and why I've been so absent. I love blogging. It has become the best therapy for me and I hate that I haven't had time for it, but I promise that will change. Get comfy and grab some tea. We're going to talk.

First of all, let me start with school. I just finished my junior year and this semester absolutely kicked my butt. I have never been so stressed about school in my entire life. I am one of those people who just do well in school and can honestly go to class, take notes, and not really study. I can write killer papers. The thing about this semester was that the assignments for one of my classes were plentiful. Seriously. If you saw me doing homework, it was most likely for this one class. I also officially became a double major student, majoring in journalism and film. I'm on track to graduate with honors and my scholarships that have paid for all of my college expenses rely on my GPA, so I'm really maintaining my grades and GPA. As a first generation college student, when my mom didn't graduate high school and my father had to stop going to school when he was in like 4th grade because he had to work to make money for his family, that is important to me. My father grew up very poor in Mexico and came to the U.S. and worked really hard to learn and become one of the head personnel at the company he works for. My mom was pregnant with me and didn't graduate high school. She didn't give up on me and really put her life on hold. I am not only doing this for me, but for them. Also, I am pretty involved on my campus and the organizations that I am a part of take time. 

There has also been so much going on in my family. I will not go into much detail, but it has taken a toll on my life. There has been a lot of stress out on me and my family. When things seem to be looking up, it is like everything comes back down again. Money has been really tight and there has been a lot of struggles. I have developed a lot of stress and anxiety from it. 

Lastly, I have put stress on myself. Why? Self-image. I will be honest with you guys night now. I hate the way I look. I am trying to lose weight, eat healthier, and workout to better my health. I am overweight and really need to make a change to better my health. I have started working out and I've been at it consistently for about a month. I'm working on bettering myself. I know that skinny doesn't equal happiness, but I know that when I workout, I am happier. I feel good about myself because I did something good for my well-being.

I have learned that well-being and health is so much more than just physical, but it's mental and spiritual too. I am a Christian and I have really focused on my relationship with Christ. That means more Bible-reading and praying. It has also taught me to be more kind and loving. Mentally, I am focusing on having a healthy relationship with myself: to accept who I am and all of myself. 

There you have it. That is what has kept me from really diving in. I love blogging and it has made me so sad that I haven't devoted enough time to it, but I'm back! Starting Sunday, the new upload schedule will be Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please send me ideas and let me know what you want to see here! Also, I want to get into YouTube, so, if you would be interested in seeing videos from me, please let me know as well. Communicate with me! I want to hear from you!


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