How To Have The Softest Lips (featuring Lipsense!)

by - December 07, 2016

Finals week is here and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had a final yesterday and I have my last one on Thursday... it is for my communication law class and I am really nervous about it, so I'm spending all of today studying. Thursday night, I am going out with one of my sorority sisters to get dinner at The Vortex to celebrate the end of the semester. If you live in Atlanta, you've probably heard of it. It is a really popular burger joint here, but because it is a bar, you have to be 21 to go. Since I turned 21, I've gone so many times. It is seriously my favorite place.

It has gotten pretty cold here in Georgia and when it gets cold, my lips get so dry. I cannot stand to have dry lips and I'm sure you don't either, so I'm sharing with you how I keep my lips super soft and I'm also sharing my new favorite lip product.

I have been so excited for this blog post for a while. Danielle, a Lipsense distributor sent me a Lip Kit, which included a Lipsense color, one Glossy Gloss, and one Ooops! Remover. I chose the color, Brick, and it is so pretty! It is the perfect holiday color. 

The first step to keeping my lips soft and moisturized is using the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub from Lush! This lip scrub is the best and the best part is that you can just lick off the excess, so you can really use it anywhere. I love natural products and the fact that I can basically eat this lip scrub (not that I would though), makes me feel good about using it.  

Using this lip scrub is super simple. Just put a small amount on your finger and scrub your lips. When you're finished, lick off the rest! I do this daily.

The next thing I use the the moisturizing gloss from Lipsense. This gloss keeps my lips really soft and moisturized. 

If I'm not doing anything, I just stick to the lip scrub and the moisturizing gloss, but if I'm wanting a little more glam, my go-to product is the Lipsense lip color in Brick. How pretty is this color? The best thing is that is lasts so long. This stuff won't come off until you remove it.

To order Lipsense, fill out this form. To learn more about Lipsense products, you can check out this Facebook group. Danielle has all the information you need. 

Your lips will thank you for taking care of them this winter! I am going to get back to studying, but before I bring this post to a close, I am doing Vlogmas on YouTube! I got a late start because I was waiting on my new camera (I got a Sony a5000) to come in, so the first video is just a quick intro. I'll be uploading regularly for Vlogmas and I plan on uploading a new "regular" video every week! Check out my YouTube and let me know what you'd like to see! Subscribe and leave a comment letting me know you're from the blog!

Happy studying!

xo, Amanda

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