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by - January 24, 2017

Happy Tuesday! It feel so good to be back here. I've been away for a while and I promise I have a good reason. Sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and relax while you read.

My younger brother left for basic military training (AKA bootcamp) last week and wow, do I miss him. As the oldest sibling, I feel responsible for my siblings. Even though the youngest is thirteen, I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure my two brothers and sister are happy and have everything they need. With him being away, I can't make sure that he is okay.

Enjoy this low-quality picture my brother and I took a few days before he left. Do you like my shoes? LOL they aren't even mine, but I was barefoot and couldn't get to my shoes fast enough.

The hardest part about my brother being away is not knowing if he is okay. I'm sure he is perfectly fine outside of normal issues you face while at basic military training. He was prepared and ready to go, but I don't really have any way of communicating with him, outside of letters, so my mind wanders. Is he hungry? Is he tired? Is he happy? Does he need a hug? Does he feel alone? Does he know how much I love hime? These are the questions I ask myself every day. Last week was tough. I cried a lot. He has only been gone a week and I miss him so much. When I go to Dunkin', I think of the crazy drink concoctions he would make and how they would surprisingly be good. I look at his name in my phone and wish I could just call or text him.

I miss him, but I cannot explain how immensely proud I am of him. Since high school, his plan was to join the military. Our cousin serves and Jon wanted to do the same. It is not an easy decision. I could not do it, but my younger brother has that kind of courage and wow, that makes me smile. I am filled with pride. In just a few weeks, I'll get to hug him and tell him in person just how proud I am of him and I cannot wait. Because of him and the sacrifices he will make, I can rest at night knowing that I am safe.

I'll be back tomorrow with a regularly-scheduled post, so look for it. If you are in the military or come from a military family, let me know what branch in the comment below.


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