5 Youtubers To Subscribe To Right Now

by - April 13, 2017

Happy Thursday! This week has definitely been one of the longest of my life and I'm stressing so much. SO. MUCH. I have a week left of classes, then a week to pack up my college room and then I'm taking a little beach vacation. After that, I'm starting my internship with Q100 in Atlanta! I am so excited to back with Cumulus Media and I'm looking forward to this entire summer. It is going to be great, but the one thing missing is a job so if you know of anything around Atlanta or McDonough, Georgia.. please help a sister out. I'm so broke (no, I don't make money from blogging).

Anyway, I love YouTube and I actually have a few videos if you would want to check those out. I'm in the process of making more and I actually have a What's In My Backpack video going up very soon, so be sure to check that out. I decided to share with you 5 YouTubers that I love and want you to love, too!

She's a NY native attending college just about an hour away from me! She has a lot of beauty, college, and lifestyle videos. I discovered her about two years and I've been hooked ever since.

I found Danielle through Brooke's videos and I'm also so addicted to her videos. She is down-to-eart and focuses on beauty, school, fashion.

I want to be her best friend. Aspyn and her husband, Parker, also have a vlog channel that you also need to check out!

I also found out about Morgan through Brooke's videos. She's in college, too and focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion!

Casey is from Georgia (my state!) and she's basically a makeup queen. Seriously. 

Wait... there's a bonus! Amanda Alvarado... yes, that's me, lol! Hey, I'm new to the YouTube scene (well not really because my cousin and I used to make videos like 10 years ago, but let's not talk about those). Subscribe! Let's take this friendship to a whole new level!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Be sure to follow me on social media to stay connected - let's be friends! Have a happy Thursday and I'll see ya in my next post.


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