Tips and What You Need To Stay Organized + Reach Your Goals

by - November 20, 2017

Welcome! If you're new to the blog, my name is Amanda and I am thrilled that you've stopped by. I put a lot of work into this blog and it's my biggest passion. I would love it if you followed me on social media to stay in the loop! I'm pretty active on there and love to connect with all my readers! We're a family here!

If you're a returning reader, welcome back! I'm glad you've returned to my little corner of the internet. 

It's the start of a pretty busy week - I don't have any classes, but it is Thanksgiving week, so there is so much to do to prep before the big day. 

This is a pretty busy time of year. On top of everything to do for the holidays and school, I also graduate in December so I'm busy with that and applying for jobs.

1. Use your planner
I feel like I say this a lot here, but it is only because it is so important. Whether you get your planner from Target, Lilly Pulitzer, or Day Designer, it will help you organize your life so much. 

2. Add important events to the calendar on your phone
I don't put ever single thing I have to do on my calendar on my phone, but I definitely add the important events and set a reminder (or two!) so I don't miss it.

3. Make a to-do list
Every day, I make a to-do list. Whether it is a reminder to take my vitamins, work out, or ship out a Poshmark package, having a list helps. I do it the night before so I wake up knowing exactly what I need to do for the day.

4. Have one place where you do homework and/or work
For me, the best place to get work done is at my desk. Find a place where you can get your work done and make that your go-to. It might be a desk. It might be the couch. Wherever you decide, make sure you have everything you might need close by.

5. Create a motivation board
I created one of these earlier these year and honestly, seeing my goals visually has really helped me stay motivated. All you need is some photos that represent your goals, poster-board, and then glue, markers, and whatever else you might want to spruce it up. Easy!


Here's to a super productive and fun week!


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