The App That Is Helping Me Finally Get Fit

by - February 07, 2018

Hey there lovelies! We're just a couple days away from the weekend. Not that I have plans or anything, but the weekend is still super exciting. 

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and I've had a lot of failed attempts to get healthy. I found an app before the new year called 8fit

The app has a goal set for me to work out three to four times a week currently, but I always aim for 5 workouts, which I typically do Monday through Friday. There are different levels of fitness. I am not really in shape, so I'm assuming I'm at a beginner's level. 

Here's a look at what the app is like:

The app shows my workout for the day. I can even set daily reminders!

My current goals and program:
8fit also lets you track meals and will even create a meal plan for you! It is definitely one of the best workout apps and all-in-one fitness apps that I have ever seen. Currently, my workouts take about 20 minutes, which is great for me because I am pretty busy. It also has allowed me to incorporate some yoga into my routine. I've been wanting to get into yoga for a while now and being able to incorporate into my daily workout has been a lot of fun. It has definitely helped alleviate my anxiety and help my posture. 

My number one fitness goal for the year is to lose weight. I have a few pounds to lose and I definitely want to finally get the weight off. Not only will I feel better about myself, but I will also just be healthier.

What's your number one fitness goal for the year? Comment!


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