The Truth About Your Dream Job

Let's get real. Your dream job is work.

If you ask me about my job, I'll tell you it is my dream job and I'm serious about that. I am doing work in something I am so passionate about, but let's get real. Is it perfect? No. Is my life suddenly perfect because I love my job? Not at all. I think we often forget that your dream job is work.

Aspiring to do something you love is great and wanting to have a job that you are passionate about is good. I think most of us want to have a job that is fulfilling and also pays the bills. I think we fall into trouble when we expect it to be all rainbows and butterflies. We think our dream job will mean that work will be easy, but you know what? There are still days when I want an extra hour of sleep. There are still days when I get stressed out when I am doing work. I don't think that means that I'm not passionate about my job. I think that is just life and those feelings are totally normal.

I'm spilling the truth about your dream job.

When we're passionate about something, I think we get in this mindset that our passion will pay the bills, but much of the time, it just isn't that easy. Getting your dream job takes a lot of work. I love what I do and yes, it is my dream job, but there is more that I want. I'm passionate about what I get up and do every day, but the dream doesn't stop here. It gets bigger. We all have things we are passionate about and yes, it would be great for our passion to quickly turn into something we can live off alone, but that isn't the case. Remember, don't rush it. Be intentional.

How many times have you heard something along the lines of - if you love what you do, it won't feel like work? I mean, even I have said it and while I think that it is great to enjoy work, at the end of the day... it is work. No job is perfect and it is totally unrealistic to expect perfection from your job. Like I said before, I love my job, but it is work and there are days where yeah, it definitely feels like work. It is important to remember this when entering a job that you would consider your dream job. When you are trying to follow your passion, it will often take some compromise to get where you want to be. Not every day will be easy and if you feel like your dream job is work, that's okay because guess what? It is.

The last truth about your dream job I want to spill is this... hard work is important, but the path to success is not always linear. You might not get offered a full-time position at the company you intern for in college. I didn't. I ended up going to a different (the competitor) company after graduation because that is who offered me a job. The days of staying at one company for your entire life is gone and you'll probably work at a few different companies throughout your life. The job you take post-grad might not even be the job that will lead you to where you want to be. This is why mentorship is so important. Seek out people who have the job you want and find out how they got there. Make your own career goals and make them known.  I've learned that my dream job really isn't one destination. It isn't just one place because it is constantly evolving. It hasn't changed too much, but as I've learned more, what I consider to be my dream job changes. The work I do is my dream, but that doesn't mean it ends here.

Pursuing your passion takes time. Your dream job will still feel like work. The path to success is not always linear. Your dream job will evolve and that's okay. We're constantly growing and changing, so your dreams will, too. That's the truth about your dream job.



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