3 Ladies To Follow On Instagram

We spend more time than we should on Instagram, so we might as well like who we follow, right?

Ask me what my favorite social media platform is and my answer is always, "Instagram." My job requires me to spend a lot of time on social media, but even when I don't want to scroll anymore, Instagram still catches my eye. I love IG stories, posting my own photos, and liking and commenting on everyone else's photos, too. It's just a super fun and creative platform and now that IGTV is a thing... I think Instagram is here to stay.

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, @theskinnyconfidential

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CUCUMBER MINT MARTINIS W/ @healthywithnedi TON . so many DM’s asking about how to launch a blog or brand or even how to film a YouTube video. i have to be blunt because by nature i am an over-sharer- you know i just can’t help it. it’s a trait that can serve me but it can also be...hmmm- intense? anyway if you’re looking to launch or do anything: FIGURE IT OUT. this is to the point but every single thing i have ever wondered about- i figure it out. google has all the answers you’re looking for, specific podcast hosts should become your new mentor, &/or a poster board needs to happen. but let’s go deeper though- shall we? . ๐Ÿ”ซ GOOGLE: google has every answer. instead of asking people via DM how to launch, when to launch, the strategy- GO GOOGLE IT. don’t waste time- launch fast & adjust accordingly. ignorance now-a-days is laziness. we have the world at our finger tips. 5 years ago when i wanted to launch a YouTube channel, i simply googled ‘best light kit for at-home YouTube channel.’ i researched it for 4 hours & figured that shit OUT. . ๐Ÿ”ซ YOUR NEW MENTOR: my mentors are ones that don’t know they’re my mentors. like @attackathletics, @timferriss, @garyvee, @msrachelhollis, @lewishowes, @thechampagnediet, & @edmylett- i mean they’re my mentors because i MADE them my mentors- i listen to their podcasts & take note. so much value. make whoever you want your mentor to be your damn mentor. no excuses. . ๐Ÿ”ซ POSTER BOARD LIFE: go buy a white poster board from RITE-AID & hang it in your bedroom. on your poster board put all your colors, fonts, ideas, Home Depot paint swabs, dreams, systems, vibes, what the fuck ever on this board for 6 weeks. u will walk by it everyday & it will stick in your mind. it’s not a vision board- it’s an EXECUTION BOARD. it’s not other people’s visions, magazine clippings, & random brands that make your dreams come true- it’s YOU. execution board > vision board. . pull the trigger & stop making excuses- EXECUTE. if there’s one thing i can give back to the community it’s that you are in charge of your own future- LAUNCH. love u all. . tag a friend who needs to execute & save this post as a resource for later. . (do we love a micro-blog?)
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I have been obsessed with The Skinny Confidential for YEARS now. The blog, the brand, the podcast... it is all just so good. I really love how specific Lauryn gets about everything she is loving. She isn't someone who will tell you that she "can't remember" where she got that shirt or ignore you when you ask what her favorite skin care product is... she shares it ALL and I just love that.

Stephanie May Wilson, @smaywilson

Stephanie is an author, podcaster, and speaker who I just love! I don't know her, but I feel like she is one of my BFFs! She talks about friendships, faith, relationships, and just everything that us as young women want to discuss. Her IG stories will make you feel like you are just like Facetiming a friend!

Callie Dauler, @calliedauler

I had to have this local gal here! I have been following Callie for a few years now and this girl is all about good vibes and keeps in one hundred all the time. She shares the highs and lows in her life, her favorite things, and is like the queen of making a blow out last. 

Leave your Instagram in a comment so I can stalk you! Is there a better way to say that without sounding like a total creep? You can stalk me, too - @amandadalvarado!



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