How To Give Yourself More Confidence

by - March 21, 2019

Self-confidence is hard won and easily lost.

We are all subject to crises of confidence, anxiety and stress all the time, but how we deal with these episodes is really important. Just because you don’t have much confidence right now doesn’t mean that you can’t win it back, but it definitely takes work. It has taken me years to have true confidence and I still have days when my confidence is really low.

If you want to regain your confidence, you must first learn that you are worthy of your own love. Being kinder to yourself and accepting who you are is weirdly difficult, but there are a few steps you might take to make a start.  
Be Proud of Your AppearanceYour appearance is not everything but it is the only way you have to show other people how well you take care of yourself. You don’t have to be a supermodel or a teeny tiny waist size to be proud of how you look. In fact, being proud is much more about presenting yourself, not an idealized version.
However, you might like to think about how you are presenting yourself and what would make you feel happier about you appearance. For some people, hair loss is a big factor in loss of confidence so it might be worth exploring treatments such as scalp micropigmentation. On the other hand, your confidence might be found in something as simple as a new nail color and an evening playing with different styles of makeup. Do what makes you feel good.

Take Care of Your Home
Your home says a lot about you and when you are feeling anxious and lacking in confidence, it’s all too easy to let things slide. Interestingly, clutter is linked to anxiety and the more out of control your surroundings become, the more out of control you feel. This doesn’t mean that cleaning and tidying will automatically make you feel 100% again, but it is worth considering as a factor towards your confidence boost.

When you are proud of your home and put lots of love into getting it just the way you like, you will find that your confidence gradually increases. Being able to express your taste and personality is a crucial part of being human and a lick of paint is hardly an expensive solution!

Go Out and Have Fun
As you gain confidence in your appearance and learn to express your personality more at home, you should take what you have learned beyond your front door. Having confidence in a new situation is always a tough ask but it is worth moving out of your comfort zone because it is here that you will make new friends and discover new passions and hobbies.

Going out and having fun is a good way to confirm your self-confidence. Simply put, when you are happy and doing things you enjoy, you don’t have as much time to worry. Taking good care of yourself in between social events is a good way to re-energize, especially if you are naturally more introverted.

Remember: only you can give yourself the love you really deserve and you do deserve it.


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