Is Champagne Hair Care The Newest Trend?

I read an article on Bustle and it got me thinking... could champagne hair care be the latest trend?

I love reading and trying out new trends, especially when they are easy and won't break the bank. I'm a recent college grad with a pretty tight budget, so I want to look and feel my best, but obviously not spend an entire paycheck or swipe my credit card to keep up.

This beauty trend, I haven't tried just yet, but I wanted to talk about it and get hear from you if you have tried it or if you haven't tried it, we can try it out together. Here's what I've gathered from my research about using champagne as a hair product.

Champagne is full of powerful antioxidants.
Champagne protects against free-radical damage and promotes softness and shine.
Washing your hair with champagne has been a trend with the rich and famous for years.
Champagne can make blonde locks shine.

There's actually a beauty line, Cuvée, created by Rachel Katzman after a night out in Las Vegas where she discovered that champagne made her hair look and feel so good, that has champagne-infused products. I'm pumped to get my hands on some of these products, but first, I'm gonna pick up a bottle of champagne from the store.

Some people have rinsed their hair with champagne and others have put it in a spray bottle to spray it on to their hair. It also doesn't seem to really matter whether you spend $10 or $60 on the champagne... it all seems to work the same.

I'm gonna try it out soon! Follow me on Instagram because I'll post a story and let you know when I'm testing out champagne as a hair care product. Join me and tag me in your posts and stories! Let's get in on this beauty trend!

If you've already done it, I need to know your thoughts! Comment or head over to my socials to let me know what you think and how you did it! I need specifics!



  1. I want to change my hair color to this!! Loved your post!



  2. So pretty! I love light hair colors!



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