Do Dream Jobs Exist?

by - April 26, 2019

I've talked about dream jobs before, but do they exist?

Undoubtedly, unless you hit the lottery, you will have to wake up every morning and go to work. If I'm being honest though, I would still want to work. I love what I do for a living. I know that some people just are not that lucky. They aren't crazy about their job, but they work because they have to pay the bills. The key to finding the right job is finding that job that elicits your passion. Is there such thing as the perfect job? A job, no matter how you slice it, is still work, but to find the right job for you requires, no pun intended, work. You must go out and earn the job that brings out your passion.

To do that, you need to do some research.  What steps can you possibly take to stand out as the best candidate for the perfect job for you?  What can you do to outwork your competition? If you don’t have the right drive and passion, you need to keep searching for what works best for you.

Take teaching as an example.  To be a teacher requires a lot of patience, energy, time, understanding the financial aspect of being a teacher, and dedicating your life to helping children learn and be functional members of society.  To do that, you have to attend college, go through student teaching, be constantly observed and critiqued, pass teacher licensure tests, and then maintain your certification throughout your career. You don’t just graduate, step in front of a chalkboard, and inspire the youths of America just like that.  You have to invest time, heart, and energy.

Want to explore the country?  Be a CDL driver. My grandfather did this for many years before he retired. Ever see someone driving a monstrous truck and wonder how they park that thing? Like being a teacher, there is a whole process you must undergo.  Which trucking company has CDL training? Doing your research and homework ahead of time will prepare you for the steps needed to accomplish your goal.  Night transportation is an example of the process necessary to drive one of those behemoth vehicles.

In order to drive, you need to locate a school that works for you, pass a permit test, pass a physical, attend Driver Qualification Process, attend CDL school for up to 3 weeks, go on the road with a trainee for up to 6 weeks, and then finally get behind the wheel solo.  It is a grind, and it is a process, but the rewards of seeing what the country has to offer should remain the vision when things get tough.

Regardless of what you choose to do, you need to find that passion to work. The Truth About Your Dream Job is that there will be days that you do not feel like it is your dream job anymore.  And, it is crucial to keep in mind that as we grow, our dreams are likely to change. That can be a scary thought, but it is perfectly natural.  We are put on this earth for a variety of reasons and what you considered to be your dream at one time may not be later in life.

Be adventurous and risky.  Go where your heart wants to go, but, be prepared to put in the work needed to accomplish that dream. Hope is not a strategy. Your dream life takes some work.


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