How To Plan A Destination Wedding

by - April 21, 2019

How does a destination wedding sound? Pretty good to me!

I'm not engaged yet, but I know that the time is coming sooner rather than later. I've been just looking to see some ideal locations, decoration inspiration, and just looking to see how much a wedding costs. Weddings are definitely not the cheapest things on the planet to arrange, or even to attend, though they’re certainly more costly for those who are actually having the wedding.

However, the good news is that a wedding doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, and there are plenty of people now looking to keep the cost of their wedding down because they want to use the money for other things, and one of the best ways to be able to do this is by going abroad and getting married.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that destination weddings aren’t expensive - like everything else they can be tailored to various budgets so they can also be expensive, but they’re just a good option if you do want to keep the cost down and not go over the top with the spending whilst also having a nice wedding.

So, in this post I'm going to share with you how to plan a wedding abroad if that’s what you’ve decided to do. I've done some research and here's some of the best tips and advice I've found!

Hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planners can be found anywhere you’d like to plan your wedding, and also to suit every kind of budget. Some wedding planners will be working directly with a hotel, so if you’re planning to get married in the hotel, then this is where you’re likely to find wedding planners working and offering their services as part of the overall wedding package price.

Of course, wedding planners also work independently, so if you’re not looking to get married in a hotel or would just like to keep the two separate, then you can definitely find plenty of wedding planners who will specialize in planning weddings abroad to help you take the stress out of it. The good thing about hiring a wedding planner for your wedding abroad is that they’re likely going to know about local rules and regulations which can be a massive plus.

Do your research!

Whether or not you’re planning to use a wedding planner, you should always be taking plenty of time to research the places you’re thinking of getting married. Not just the things like the time of year, the climate, the locations and settings where you could have your wedding, but also things like the wedding ceremony options available for you to consider because it’s important to remember that some places have certain restrictions as to what constitutes legal marriage, so your marriage may not actually be recognized under law.

Make a list of people to invite.

When it comes to weddings, the invitation part is usually always a cause for trouble, but when you’re marrying abroad there’s a certain understanding around the fact that many people simply won’t be able to attend, so you can skip over a lot of the drama that surrounds who’s getting an invite. You can still have the most important people there, but if you’re planning a destination wedding, then you need to think about how many people you want to invite and also let them know beforehand so that they can also plan for time off, etc.

Hopefully, these help any soon-to-be married couples with their planning process. And... shoot your best advice in a comment! I'd love to have all the advice that I can get so that when I get that ring, I can ease (if that's even possible haha) into the process!


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