How To Use Social Media To Get A Job

Yes, what you post on the internet can have an impact on your career.

College can be a stressful time. Between maintaining your grades, enjoying a healthy social life and keeping up with extra-curriculars, it can be easy to feel guilty when mindlessly scrolling on your favorite social media site. However, with 70% of employers admitting to checking up on candidates social media as part of their job screening, and more than 50% of employers deciding not to hire an applicant based on what they've found on their profiles, it seems that as you prepare to enter the workforce, it's never too early to start curating your personal branding and online presence.

Define Your Current Online Brand
Had an amazing time a fancy-dress party last weekend? Great! However, it may be time to consider what your social media says about you. Place yourself in a future employers shoes, could anything you post be considered distasteful, provocative or just not show you in the best light? Take some time to prune your social profiles and edit or delete any content that no longer aligns with your personal branding.

Determine Your Goals
Political Science major who dreams of working for an NGO? Are you studying Finance but would much rather be designing shoes? Your social media is a great starting point for you to be honest with yourself and really dig deep to determine your after college goals and get those sentiments out there. When it comes ramping to up your online activity, ensure that your content management strategy, as broken down by the experts here: is up to scratch as how you're posting can be just as important as what you're posting.

Stand Out From The Crowd
Today’s graduates are entering a job market more competitive than ever before. Use your social media to showcase your unique talents or experiences and as a way to put you above the crowd. Focus on things like...

  • The apprenticeships or internships you’ve done while studying.
  • Your most interesting travel experiences and destinations.
  • The volunteering or charity projects you’ve been involved in.
  • Speaking out about causes and beliefs that you’re honestly passionate about.
  • Your relevant interests and pursuits outside of college. 

All of these things help paint a picture of a well-rounded individual who has a wide array of hobbies, talents, a varied skill set, and an interesting personality. All of which look great to a prospective employer and help to create a solid online identity.

Take It Offline
Don’t neglect another key component of building your online reputation - building relationships. University is a fantastic opportunity to network, form genuine friendships and build those key contacts that could one day land you your dream job. Get out there and talk to your classmates and colleagues IRL, not only are you all in a similar situation, but they also may have connections or insider information that you wouldn’t get to find out otherwise. Too shy to attend a networking event on your own? Look into getting a mentor or a career coach, to ensure that you are confident and assured and can hit the ground running straight after graduation.

Social media can impact your career, so just be smart! You can always showcase the best moments of your life without jeopardizing your job.



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