Top 10 Things To Do To Make Your Skin Look Its Best

by - May 16, 2019

I've talked a lot about all the trouble I've had with my skin and the top 10 things I've learned about how to make your skin look its best.

If you're new, I've talked about my struggle with skin for a while. I recently talked about my 3 skin care essentials and even why I went a month without makeup which resulted in a ton of "wow, you look tired" comments. It was honestly such a great thing for my skin and even my self-esteem.

My trouble with my skin has resulted in me doing a ton of research and I always test all the tips and tricks I learn and bring them here to share with you all. I've got all kinds of tips that you will love and just might change your skin. Sometimes, it just takes some simple changes!

There is nothing more annoying than waking up in the morning when you have a big day ahead, and a spot has appeared on your face. Nothing more annoying than zoning in on a festering pustule that is so central, you can't even get away with covering it in makeup. Foundation and concealer only do so much... at least for real because let's be real, I'm no makeup artist.

You'll hear it everywhere you go: cleanse, tone, moisturize. Every morning and every night, wash your face and take care of your skin. You know how frustrating it is when you do that, but your skin is still awful? I do! The normal skincare routine doesn't listen to hormonal changes, which is a big factor in my skin.

Dry skin, dead skin, oily skin, red skin - it's all or nothing, and if you are paying attention to your face enough, you'll know that finding the right skincare routine is only half the battle. We are always willing to do whatever it takes to make our skin look good, from obsessively Googling chemical peels benefits to scheduling a facial twice a month every month until the end of time. The reality? You need some new beauty tips to keep your skin glowing and radiant no matter what day of the week it is. Your skin gives away your daily emotions: being happy makes you flush. Being stressed makes you break out. There are a lot of things that you need to do to get your skin looking beautiful naturally, and I've got ten of those things for you below:
Always - And I Mean Always - Remove Your Makeup
It's been a long day; all you want is a set of comfortable pajamas and your favorite blanket (like the Kardashian ones). You sink into your bed and drift off into sleep, but you didn't remove your makeup. It's not your pillows (with a silk pillowcase of course) that will suffer for this, but your skin. Overnight, your skin needs to breathe from the days' pollution, and makeup blocks the pores and stops your skin from getting the oxygen it needs. If you're feeling too lazy for your full routine, use makeup remover wipes for easy use. Ladies, do not sleep in your makeup, please!
Always SPF It Up
No matter what you do, still apply sunscreen. Even to head to work - if the UV levels are up, your skin could suffer for it. So, whether it's cloudy or clear outside, add sunscreen and protect your skin! I actually don't even wear foundation day-to-day. I'm all about a sunscreen - and always a mineral sunscreen.
Eat For Clear Skin
Food isn't medicine, but there are a lot of studies to show that fresh fruits, green veggies and the right vitamins in your diet will ensure that your skin is radiant. Fried foods and food that are high in saturated fats can generally contribute to oilier skin. Eat well and try these recipes for skin that wins.
Work It Out
It's not a math problem, but a workout can do wonders for your skin. Running, jogging, and exercises like Pilates (I LOVE Blogilates!) can allow the blood to circulate around your body and will enable you to sweat out the toxins in your body. Always exfoliate and moisturize after your workout, too, to ensure that your skin is in the best condition possible.
Sleep, Glorious Sleep
One thing that you need the most to function is a proper night of sleep. Sleeping around seven hours (I like nine) a night is necessary to be able to concentrate, but it's also going to wake your skin up and make it feel more invigorated. Tired body = tired skin, but no matter what you do, don't forget to wash and go through your skincare routine before you go to sleep at night.

Hydration Station

We need water to live, but the one place that we benefit the most is our skin. There are plenty of hydrating foods out there, but you shouldn't discount the importance of your eight glasses of water per day. You'll brighten your skin and reduce eye bags! I keep my S'well bottle filled at all times!

Pamper Yourself

Have you ever had a facial? Why not? It's time to go and book one in if you haven't already. Having someone massage and stimulate your skin with the right moisturizers and creams that are tailored to your skin is simply wonderful, and it's the ultimate skincare treat.

Wave Goodbye To Spots

Whether you deal with a few spots every cycle or you deal with adult acne (like me!), you need to get a handle on your spot situation - for your skin health if not for your confidence. Wash your face with warm water, and as you use soap or face wash, do so in circular motions to massage your skin. Whatever you do, don't pop those pesky spots!! Doing so will only lead to more spots, more redness and draw more attention to your skin. The problem with spots is that people pop them, then try to cover the pore with makeup, which only serves to make it worse.
Don't Neglect The Basics
There is so much involved in skincare that you need to remember sometimes that merely breathing can be enough to nourish you. Use basic kitchen ingredients like these to create amazing face packs that you can use to nourish your skin naturally.
Create Healthy Habits
A big part of your skincare is in creating healthy habits that are easy to stick to, such as de-stressing your life. Indulging in self-care and ensuring that your body produces happy hormones is so essential. Learn and practice techniques for stress management so that you can live a life less stressful. While you're dealing with your skin, think about facial exercises like these that will help your skin to remain healthy and youthful.

Your skin deserves your attention, and if you pay the right amount of attention to your skin early, you'll be able to create natural, healthy habits that will carry through to the rest of your life. The better you treat your skin now, the more you will reap the reward later on. Don't put your skincare routine to one side; you'll never regret it!


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