Finding Your Creative Aspirations In Nature

by - August 29, 2019

Feeling uninspired? You might just need to take some time to be out in nature.

Nature has a true sense of power to it. That is because long after you and I are gone, nature will still be here with all of its bountiful harvest. The trees will still grow leaves, the flowers will still bloom, the wind will still move across the mountains. We often think that we are the centre of our universe, and that’s because to us, we are. But the natural power of nature came long before is and will remain for the rest of time.

For this reason, it has and will always be a strong creative inspiration for humans all across the world. Finding your creative aspirations and inspirations in nature can be a great means of helping you find your inner voice, of connecting with yourself once more or influencing a work you are hoping to achieve. This is why painters continually practice their technique trying to depict the natural majesty of nature. Finding your creative aspirations through this effort could be the best thing you have done for yourself in some time.

Let us see what that might look like:

Time To Meditate & Think
A little time simply in the presence of nature can inspire you to no end. Not only can it give you raw creative power to admire, but also time to meditate and think. Let us say that you are going to write a novel. How might you prefer to do this? Sitting in an inner-city apartment at night? Or perhaps sitting in a log cabin overlooking a beautiful mountainous range, or a villa on the sea front with almost no one around? We do not intend to be presumptive, but we would assume the latter option is the most important. There’s something about being only with yourself and nature that can help spurn the best thoughts, especially when walking along the beach or sitting within a park.

Time To Explore
Exploration is essential to the human sense of discovery. When was the last time you managed to explore? We would hazard a guess and say you may not have for some time, or at least on a timeline you would prefer. This means that finding time to explore, through heading on a beautiful road trip using Austrack campers, or engaging in a sport such as long track hiking or even skiing can help you connect with nature, focus on an exciting or meditative activity, and allow it to unlock your best thinking and personality as a result. This might seem like wishful thinking - but you’ll know the effects when they are there.

Time For Direct Inspiration
JRR Tolkein, legendary writer of The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, gained his inspiration for The Shire (a well-known location within his stories) from the Yorkshire Dales he walked during his time living in Headingley, Leeds. The same could be said for many great works of art. Sometimes, direct inspiration is required, and practically worthwhile to consider ahead of time. When you care for direct inspiration, your art can become imbued with creative thinking.

With this advice, we hope you can find your creative aspirations in nature to the extent you would most enjoy.

Take some time this weekend to get out in nature!


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