How To Feel More Like Yourself

by - August 14, 2019

Ever just not feel like yourself?

We’ve all been there. Sometimes it lasts for a day, a few weeks, or even a month... but you just don’t feel like you. It is like you're having an identity crisis and you look yourself in the mirror and ask, "Who am I?"
There are a many reasons this could be happening. Maybe, work has taken over your life and you’re not sure what you actually enjoy anymore. You might feel so far away from yourself that you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to get back to being that person again. It’s a pretty common issue, right?

However, there is nothing more important than feeling like you again, and there are many ways to get back to who you truly are. We’ve noted down some of them here, for those looking to begin the journey.

Think about what you love
Sometimes, we feel a little distant from ourselves because we’ve neglected what we love. Perhaps you love to play the guitar, or to go on long walks through the woods and chill out, or maybe you love to turn the music up full blast in the kitchen, and spend the afternoon baking a cake? Try to remember what you love, and make time for it. These are the things that define who you are!

Reconnect with friends
Another reason that you could feel like you’re losing yourself a little is because you haven’t had enough time to spend with your nearest and dearest. Having a night with your friends, and reminiscing about all of the things that you’ve done in the past, could be just what you need to feel like you’re back to the normal ‘you’. And let’s be honest, there is nothing that a laugh with your pals can’t fix.

Take ownership of your choices
A lot of the time, we don’t feel at our best because we’re not making choices based upon what we want to do. Maybe you’re trying to impress your friends, your family members, or your partner, instead of just trying to act for you. Whether you’re Googling ‘plastic surgeon near me free consultation’ but you’re worried that people will judge you, or you’re thinking about a career change, make choices for you!

Spend some time alone
Let’s be honest here, you can lose yourself simply because you haven’t had the time or the space to breathe, and just be you. Take yourself out for dinner, and think about your life in perspective. Take a book and go and read in the park alone. Or even just journal for a while when you find some solitude. Being the real, happy you means that you have time to think about who that is, whilst in your own company.

Don’t beat yourself up
One thing to remember is that you may be feeling that you’re not the real ‘you’ right now, just because you’re not progressing through life at the speed that you want to. This doesn’t mean that you’re not the ‘you’ that you need to be, and this version of you could be waiting somewhere 6 months down the line. Don’t rush, and don’t beat yourself up about any obstacles in the way. This is how you learn!

You got this! You'll find yourself again.


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