Here's What To Wear This Fall (According To Me)

by - October 07, 2019

FALL FALL FALL! It seriously is my favorite season.

Can I be really honest for a minute? I'm unhappy, like really unhappy. I'm honestly just not in the best place right now so some prayers and good vibes would be so appreciated. Also, I'm looking for a new job. If you are hiring or have any leads on a job, please send me an e-mail! You can view my experience on LinkedIn. I can also send you over my resume!

Anyway... I'm not going to rain on this parade. Or blog post? Something that brings me so much joy is connecting with you! This little space on the internet is my favorite place to be and I thank you for being here. Fall also brings my so much joy, so we're talking all about fall fashion today. I'm seriously no fashionista. I would love to live in leggings and a xxl sweater or t-shirt, but that's not realistic. When it comes to wearing real clothes, fall is my favorite season to dress for. Spring and summer are just too hot here in the south. Fall and winter and totally my jam. Is that what the cool kids say?

No, I was never a cool kid.

There are a couple trends that I'm seeing going into fall. Again, no fashionista, I just read and kind of kept up with New York Fashion Week. Here are my favorite fall trends and what I think you should wear this fall.







Leather Leggings



Long Coats



What are you obsessed with right now? What should I wear this fall (according to you!)?


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