Oral Health: 4 Tips To Work On Your Smile

You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

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We all know those people who smile without showing off their teeth and I always wonder what they are so scared about. I know that it is hard to be confident about every aspect of your body, but when it comes to your smile, there are easy fixes to work on it, leading to improved oral health. Here are a few different ways to do so:

Brush And Floss Twice A Day
Everyone knows that you need to brush and floss twice a day, but how well are you actually doing it? Personally, every now and then, I’ll forget to do it (especially when it comes to flossing and brushing my tongue), or I will rush through a brushing. I would normally never want to admit something like this, but I know that I am not the only one in this boat. In fact, forgetting to floss and brush happens very, very frequently with many people. If you feel as if your teeth have begun to yellow, or if your breath seems to be smelling, I would highly recommend sitting down and figuring out if you are brushing and flossing enough and if you are not, fix that asap.

Go To Routine Dental Appointments
Going to routine dental appointments is extremely important when it comes to your oral health. Why? Because even if you are brushing and flossing enough on your own, you still will not be able to get ALL of the plaque that has built up on your teeth and preventing tooth decay definitely starts there.
Metro Decatur Dental Group PC says, “One of the top reasons to go to a once a year oral health exam is so our dentists at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC can spot problems, like cavities in the teeth, gum diseases, and enamel decay in their first stages. Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite resin fillings, can fill and seal an area of the tooth that has been infected with a cavity. Tooth-colored fillings may be used to repair cracked and broken teeth, and areas of the teeth that are worn out from nail-biting, misuse, and teeth grinding. Unlike previous amalgams, tooth-colored fillings are created from a composite resin that is dyed to blend into the natural teeth for fillings that retain the normal appearance of the teeth. A filling is a straightforward fix at our Decatur, Georgia office by our dentists. With ideal care, a filling can seal the teeth for nearly 10 years.” 
Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is a full-service dentist located in Decatur, Georgia. Dr. Gary Simms can help you with any of your dental needs such as basic teeth cleanings, whitening services, fillings, and more advanced needs such as dentures, root canals, bridges, and more. The best thing about Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is that you can trust them. They are friendly, caring, and have been known for their calming effect. “Dr. Simms loves what he does, and knows the importance of changing someones smile, both functionally and cosmetically; the results often positively change someones entire life, not just their smile. This is a cause Dr. Gary Simms does not take lightly, and treats all clients with the care and dignity they rightfully deserve.”

Oil Pulling
The verdict is still out when it comes to oil pulling. The American Dental Association says that there is a lack of evidence, which makes sense, but many people swear by it, so if you are really in a pinch with smelly breath, or if you just want to experience, maybe try it out for yourself!. According to Vogue, “Like many Ayurvedic practitioners, Raichur credits the ritual with reducing plaque, preventing gingivitis, and even regulating bad breath. That’s because, according to oil pulling proponents, plaque is made up of colonized bacteria, which are surrounded by fatty membranes that are attracted to the similarly fatty compounds in, for example, coconut oil—loosening them from the surface of the tooth and lifting them away as you swish, which may also account for the appearance of whiter teeth.” 
I've written about how I incorporate oil pulling a few times here. Definitely give it a try! I find my that mouth just feels and looks cleaner after doing it once a day. Also... please clean your tongue!

Limit Your Sugar Intake
We all know that ingesting a lot of sugar is not good for our mind or our body, but it is also not great for our smiles. Sugar is one of the main culprits when it comes to tooth decay, but do you know how it actually happens? Our mouths are filled with many different bacteria - some great and some not so great. While we do want some bacteria (the good bacteria), the harmful bacteria feeds on sugars that you eat, creating acids that have the potential to destroy tooth enamel. Interesting, right? Limiting your sugar intake is very, very important when it comes to your oral health, but if you cannot limit it, then make sure that you are taking action to take care of your teeth immediately after you eat the sugary treat.



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