Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Space Ready For Winter

Cold weather has finally set in the many states across the United States!

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With the temperature drop, it’s time to get your outdoor looking and ready for the drop. There are several things you can do actually make sure that your patio and outdoor area stay it’s best and there are a few tips that can help. Below are a few tips you should consider before it gets too cold to do the work! Hopefully these can help you keep your outdoor space ready in just a few quick steps! 

Seal Pavers
One of the easiest ways to ensure that your paving stones will survive the winter is to use a sealer on them. This protective layer is there to keep your stones from chipped, eroded by the weather or scraped from any shoveling that may go on top of them. Having a sealer will also prevent water and ice from seeping into the pavers. This is really important because water and ice also damage the stones from within! If you use a sealer with grit, it also allows some benefits as well because it has a non-slip surface. One of the scariest things you can do when shoveling the snow outside is slipping so this is essential to keeping you safe. This sealer absorbs into the pavers and providers a large amount of protection that you’ll be happy you did. Nervous about applying it? It’s actually pretty easy. You brush the sealer on top and the visible sides of the stones. I would suggest touching it up every once in a while, especially a few months prior to winter coming. If you are unsure on what type of sealer to use, you can contact your pavers contractor to find out how often you’; need to touch up your particular pavers. 

Keep Pavers Clean
An easy and one of the best ways to protect your stones is to keep them clean. This may seem difficult to do in the winter because it might be hard to see them but the longer harmful substances sit on your pavers, the more damage could occur. When you clean them, be sure to use a plastic shovel or a snow blower to avoid scraping the stones themselves. If you use a metal shovel, it really doesn’t end well for both parties involved. 

Store Outdoor Furniture
If you have a backyard area with furniture, make sure that you cover or store them to avoid any upholstery being destroyed or any rust that might ruin your iron chairs. To help, make sure your furniture is cleaned. It’s critical to wash the cushions, throws and chair covers so they don’t have any mildew from the warmer months. Allow them to dry before you store to help prevent any mold happening too. I would suggest storing your outdoor furniture in a covered area or if you don’t have any, cover it with a waterproof sheet that can be tied down. 

Prepare Your Lawn
Similar to protecting your pavers, it’s essential to make your lawn is also ready for the winter months. During the fall, it’s really important to put this into action. To help prepare your lawn for snow, make sure you're wedding your plants ahead of time because this will help determine the resilience of your landscape and how it will look when the warmer months return. In the cooler weather, it’s also ideal to plant grade sees. Have our plant beds covered in mulch or burlap to insulate the bulbs from the cold. 

While some of these tips are easy for you to do yourself, if you are unsure about trying to seal your backyard pavers yourself, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. Georgia Paver Restoration, is a paver and natural  stone company with years of experience. They are located in North Georgia area and offer you expert help in hardscape cleaning, sealing and repair. They offer a steam cleaning process which leaves your pavers and natural stone extremely clean. Not only can they help power washing but a full- service hardscape restoration solution for not only your patio, but your driveway, walkway or pool deck area. Their unique process and ‘state of the art’ paver sealer allows them to clean and seal most projects in just one day! So, if you’re unsure about the work, hire the professionals at Georgia Paver Restoration to give you a peace of mind during the cold months that are upon us! I can’t wait to hear how you help keep your outdoor space ready for the warm months that will hopefully be here before we know it!



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