4 French Secrets I Live By

by - May 13, 2020

Nope, I've never been to France, but I know that the French way of live might just be the best.

You can learn something from everyone you meet and every place you travel. I think this is why meeting new people is so important. Traveling is so important. Relationships with people who come from a different background than you, have a different belief system than you and just do life a bit differently than you are so important. 

My junior year of college, I lived in an apartment with five other girls for a semester before I moved into my sorority house. That semester in that loft was seriously so much fun. We didn't know each other, but we all vibed so well and our backgrounds were so different. We all learned so much from each other.

One night, one of my roommates was making crepes. I had never had a crepe in my life and she was shocked and made me some. Did I mention that she was from France? I don't like a pancake or a waffle, but a crepe... I could eat 10 of them. She taught me how to  make them and I still find myself making crepes randomly at midnight even years later. It was while we sat there and ate those crepes together that I realized the French do things a bit different than we Americans do. It was so interesting to hear about her routines and how she goes about her day. 

I love to hear all about what others swear by. How they start their morning, their favorite workout, what they put on their face, what they read and even what they do for entertainment. I love learning and researching and implementing different things in my own life to see what works for me.

Think about French women. Their skin always look flawless, they look like they just walked off the catwalk and their hair looks naturally beautiful. There is a reason that Paris is such a hot spot and is the fashion capital of the world. 

Through conversations with my college roommate, reading blogs, scrolling through Instagram and picking up magazines, I've picked up a couple French ways of living that I implement in my own life. These are things that I swear by. 

And today, I'm sharing these little French secrets with you!

Pick Up a Book
Go to the theatre. Visit a museum. One thing my college roommate noticed about her life in America was that Americans don't spend as much time leisurely reading at a coffee shop, going to a theatre or the symphony, or even visiting a museum nearly as much as the French do. If you've never stepped food in a museum, they are beautiful and with so many of us quarantining, a ton of places are actually offering virtual tours. You don't even have to leave your house to cultivate intellectual wealth. Also, sitting in a coffee shop or even your patio with a good drink just to read is a glorious pass time. 

Sit Down and Eat Your Meals
I'm so guilty of watching TV or even scrolling through Instagram while I'm eating, but honestly, the best meals are eaten when you're sitting down at the table without doing anything else. The best conversations happen when you're 100% focused on the company around you and your meal. Oh, and a bonus is adding some candles and putting on a little jazz! 

Quality Over Quantity
This may just be my favorite! The French embrace the idea of quality over quantity. The best quality items, whether it be furniture, clothing or even food, tend to bring joy and also simplicity to your life. Every item should bring joy to you (Marie Kondo isn't wrong when she talks about items "sparking joy!"). Start by doing a clean up room by room of your place and donating or tossing everything that doesn't bring you joy. 

Turn Everyday Routines Into Beautiful Rituals
My morning routine is my morning ritual. Same goes for really any other day-to-day thing I do each day. I've started to savor the moments and everyday tasks and routines to create a life that I feel is so beautiful and full of magic! This is where mindfulness really comes into play. Only drink your morning tea or coffee in a beautiful mug. Listen to your favorite slow music while doing your morning skincare. Find a beautiful place in your home to do your daily meditation or prayer. Start by being a bit more mindful about one thing you do and you'll notice a difference. 

Ready to start adding a little more French magic to your life? I think the theme is really just taking time to slow down and find the beauty in everything. Simplicity is also a key idea here. My dad, who is from Mexico, has given me a ton of talks about simplicity and I think that I'm really just now, at 24, learning that. 

Here's to a truly beautiful, magical life! 


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