Miss To Mrs. Box Unboxing

Yes, I'm celebrating and enjoying every single second of being engaged. I kicked off my engagement by treating myself to a Miss to Mrs Box.

Whether you are newly engaged like me or just a few months from your big day, Miss to Mrs. will actually tailor your subscription plan according to your wedding date. I'm getting married in February 2022, so if I opted for the full, nine box subscription, I could actually get them delivered about every two months. Here are some quick deets on the boxes:

Each box featured 7 to 8 fully-sized items from fun bridal goodies to wedding planning necessities!

At just $35 per box, this subscription is super affordable. The boxes are actually valued at over $100, so it's a great deal.

Miss to Mrs. is highly rated and you know I did my research before subscribing! The service has a rating of 4.6 stars!

Let's talk about the individual boxes!

I just received the first box. The full subscription includes 9 unique themes to cover all stages of the wedding planning process! Here are the themes:

Let's Plan This

Ultimate Bridal Swag

Sweating For The Wedding

Wedding Day Essentials

Keep Calm and Plan On

It's Party Time

Classy & Fabulous

Maximum Romance


Interested yet? Their website makes it totally easy to subscribe! You can check it all out here.
Okay, let's get into what was in my first box, Let's Plan This.

Wedding Planner 
This perfectly-sized, pink wedding planner is amazing! I'm already using it and it is simple and easy to use. It has helped me stay on track and really enjoy the wedding planning process. I have to have things written down, so this is just perfect.

Diamond Pens
These pens might have just been my favorite thing. I use them when I'm writing out wedding-related things. I am such a pen snob if I'm being honest and the pens write so well! I approve.

Wedding Day Countdown
It has been exciting to wake up and realize that I'm getting closer to our wedding day. It may be over 400 days away, but this countdown is absolutely adorable. 

"I Said Yes" Travel Mug
I love how basic this is! I've been drinking my coffee out of it lately. So basic, so girly, so cute.

Jewelry Wipes
I haven't used these yet, but I actually put a few in my purse for times I'm on-the-go and will need to clean my ring. I know that these will come in handy!

Diamond-Shaped Necklace
If you know me, you know that I love jewelry. This necklace comes in the cutest little case and is so simple and dainty. 

I really loved this first Miss To Mrs box and I think if you are looking for a cool gift for a bride-to-be that you know or to treat yourself to something fun, this subscription will be perfect!

Who else is planning a wedding with me? Drop one thing you've learned so far in a comment below! 
And please share any wedding-related posts you want to see here! 


Popping back in to let you know that I also subscribed to The Ring Boxes and I received my first one. I'll also be unboxing it right here for you! I actually loved The Ring Boxes box more and opted to get the full subscription, so be on the lookout for that coming here soon! 


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