Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding More Luxe

Did you know I'm planning a wedding? A microwedding to be specific.

What's a microwedding? It is basically just a small wedding. For us, that means 48 guests. There are a couple reasons why we went this route. We are still in a pandemic and when we started planning a year ago, it was important to us that our wedding day be safe for all of our loved ones. We also wanted it to be small enough so we would not have to reschedule. We also have a small budget, so keeping our day small and intimate with immediate family and our closest friends was the best option for us.

We all have different budgets for our weddings but one thing that most of us have in common is the desire to make our weddings as luxurious, and as unforgettable as possible. The good news is, no matter how big or small your wedding fund are there are lots of things you can do to add an extra touch of luxe without breaking the bank.

Make your own sweet treats
Sweet treats, whether in the form of wedding favors or as snacks for your wedding guests, are always a nice touch at any wedding but they can be pretty expensive. The good news is, it is perfectly possible to create your own luxurious chocolates, candy, confectionery, and cakes. For example, this buckeye recipe is pretty simple, but the end product is as luxurious as anything you could buy from your local chocolatier, and at a fraction of the price! If the budget is tight, but you want some sophisticated confectionary on your wedding day, making your own really is the way to go. If you do want to hire an pro, Publix and Costco are great options for wedding cakes! Publix is making ours!

Choose a pretty venue
If you want to make your wedding as luxe as possible, then you need to hold it in a stunning location. You might think that this would necessarily be budget-breaking, but that is not necessarily the case. Beaches, woodlands, your grandparents’ beautiful home - there are so many affordable places where you can hold a wedding, which also looks pretty stunning. You just need to think outside the box and maybe use the beauty of nature as your backdrop rather than an expensive mansion, unless your family happens to own one, of course! We chose a beautiful, small, and intimate wedding chapel in the north Georgia mountains!

Pick a theme
It really is easier to make your wedding seem more luxurious if you have a theme simply because you will have cohesive decor and vibe. That’s not to say that you need to choose a really over-the-top theme like a Harry Potter wedding or a 1950s sock hop vibe, but if you can choose two or three colors that you like and a loose style that you would want to follow, you can ensure that your wedding looks like you hired the most expensive wedding planner, without ever having to actually do so. We're going moody with burgundy, black, and a touch of dark green.

Choose a rich color scheme
On the subject of wedding color schemes, it is always a good idea to go for rich colors like black, jewel greens, golds, or eggplant purple, which are associated with class and sophistication and add simple richness to the whole event.

Create a floral garland
Flowers look stunning smell amazing and always suggest wealth and elegance, so by creating a floral garland, you can easily elevate the style and sophistication of your venue and give it a more romantic tone. This may seem like an expensive undertaking, but if it’s one of the few things you splurge on, it will be worth it, and it is actually possible to DIY floral garlands and arches with a little help from a YouTube tutorial or similar. If you have a local flower market, hit it up and you will find that flowers are much more affordable that way.

Fold your napkins in fancy shapes
Folding your napkins into fancy shapes like swans or hearts will not cost you a penny - just some time learning how to do it - but it will add a luxurious little design touch that will elevate the spade and ensure that everyone remembers your wedding venue for all of the right reasons. It’s actually pretty easy to learn napkin origami, and it will make more difference than you might think. It's a pretty fun skill to have too!

As you can see, it is perfectly possible for you to make your wedding as luxurious as you like without a huge budget, you just need to be a bit more ingenious and plan a little more carefully to make it happen! Have an amazing wedding day!



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