5 Things To Do To Prepare For Fall

You guys, my favorite time of year is fast approaching! On September 1, there will be fall decor in my home.

The autumn season is such an exciting one! The leaves change to a gorgeous color, the air turns cooler, and we can finally sleep with our windows open instead of getting warm throughout the night. However, there are some proper precautions and safety awareness you’ll want to bring attention to before you can enjoy that crisp air and avoid danger that comes with this season.

Don't worry, I've got helpful tips for you!

Proper Septic Tank Service

If you have a septic system like we do, you need to make sure that you have it regularly inspected and maintained to avoid problems both now and in the future. Inspectors need to check for pipe integrity, proper drainage, and ventilation. They will look for clogs, leaks, and spot any potential problems before they become bigger ones. The size determines how frequently it needs to be drained as some need to be replaced every 20-40 years while others might need more. Typically you’ll need to have the sludge pumped outof it and disposed every few years. A proper inspector in your area is key! Scorpion Septic is a highly recommended business to assist you in this. This Dallas, Georgia, septic tank company will be there to make sure to answer any questions you have on what will make your tank run it’s best.

Light Safety

One of my favorite things is putting up twinkle lights at night. I use one socket for the lights and the other I put a cover on so my nephew is not tempted to stick a finger in there! They are great little welcoming and warm lights to have but just make sure to talk about it if you have kids around.

Fallen Leaves Clean Up 

Keep the driveway and sidewalk clear of any falling leaves. Wet leaves can create a big hazard for pedestrians in the fall by making it extremely slippery. Later in the season, the snow can mix with the leaves to increase the risk of falling not only for you but your family, neighbors, or even the local mailman who is out delivering the mail. You should rake up any fallen leaves and dispose of them according to the local bylaws in your community. Of course, having your kids, nieces, nephews, or even grandkids help you with this chore can be one of the most memorable. See who can rake the most leave or who can jump into the biggest pile. Keep a few to make for crafts when the weather gets col and rainy. 

Appropriate Attire 

Having the appropriate attire when fall comes is important too. This is especially important for footwear when you are using a ladder. You’ll want to have the proper boots or shoes on so you don’t slip when climbing the ladder to clean any debris that might have fallen on your roof. The ladder should also be positioned on a flat surface before you use it. Be sure that any tools you are using are designed for its purpose and are in good condition before you begin your work. You also want to make sure that you have the proper attire outside including hats, gloves, mittens and pants if the weather is cold enough.

Be Cautious With Space Heaters

It can be easy to want to warm up a chilly room with a space heater but it’s actually not the best idea. A space heater requires venting to make sure that you have vented it to the outdoors. Never use your stove or oven in your home, only use the space heater that is appropriate for this reason. Also, allow at least three feet of empty space around your space heater so if something were to happen, nothing close can catch on fire.

There are probably many more ideas to get ready for fall too that don’t need any safety tips to go with it. Decorating for fall is one of my favorite things with golden yellow and crisp red mums, pumpkins and big soft blankets to curl up into. 

What are some fun things you and your family are doing to prepare for the new season? 




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