Tips To Keep Your Family Safe With A Septic Tank

Have a septic tank? I do and I'm here to give you my top tips so you don't end up in a messy situation.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, keeping it looking its best is key. However, maintaining a clean home every year might not seem that easy until you look at your home and figure out what you need to do. You want it to look not only presentable on the inside but also the outside as well. There are a few safety tips too when it comes to cleaning your home and one of the biggest things is making sure that your septic tank is clean. Below are a few safety tips to help you.

Be Aware of the Covers
When you see the cover of your septic tank, it could easily be loose and you could fall into it. Repair any of the covers and replace damaged parts to maintain your assurance. Look at the lid and lock it to prevent easy access while increasing safety. Driving and parking vehicles over septic covers can destroy the cover so it’s highly inadvisable. Pay attention if the lid is open especially if there is an inspection happening or pumping. After the inspection or pumping, ensure that the cover is secured before doing anything else. 

Stay Out of the Tank
Entering a tank is strictly reserved only for trained personnel. Incase of any accidents, avoid doing it to retrieve anyone who has fallen into a tank without having the necessary equipment for breathing. Call emergency services and rather place fans around the opening of the tank to increase the supply of fresh air. This gives the victim of the accident more time while waiting for professionals to come to their resuce

Increase Alertness to Electrical Risks
Always lookout for covered electrical or mechanical lines while digging. Tampering with these lines near a septic tank can be really unsafe for the people living in that neighborhood. Be sure to let anyone if they go near it to be aware of this when they walk near. 

Don’t Have Heavy Machinery Over the System
If you own any heavy machinery, parking or moving it near can cause compression and excessive stress that lead to broken pipes and if you have leaks that can be very expensive to repair. If you need to find a professional to help you repair, there are plenty of quality companies to assist you.


So how do you find the right and professional company to help you keep your septic tank looking its best year after year? I've got a recommendation! 

Scorpion Septic is a quality company to help you when you need them the most. They offer services including the highest level of professionalism and exceptional efficiency. No matter what type of service you are needing, they can guarantee customer satisfaction and help manage the project with experience and skill for their clients. They are licensed and insured as well as certified to resolve small tanks but also large ones in the Marietta septic pumping area. Before they begin they give you a free quote and will not go over a penny more when they do begin their inspection. Feel free to give them a call for any questions, concerns or assistance with your new, old or needing repaired septic tank to keep you and your loved ones safe this season. 



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