How To Make Your Home More Instagram-Worthy

We’ve all seen those Instagram photos taken in homes that seem too perfect to be true. The first time that I saw a photo of a home that took my breath away, I think I was like 12 and I was looking in one of those magazines that focus on southern living and interior design. Since then, I have been a tad obsessed with interior design and home décor.

Today, with social media in the game, I am always trying to find the perfect, aesthetically-pleasing area to take Instagram photos. Honestly, finding a good place in my own house is a little hard sometimes. I’ve definitely had to moved things around just for a photo. That’s okay, right?

Thanks to Premier Surfaces, who is sponsoring this post, I’ve learned some tips and tricks to make your home totally Instagram and even Tumblr-worthy. Every area of your home will become the perfect spot to take an Insta-pic.

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Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Here’s a few tips for you!

Keep It Neat
Honestly, any place looks better when it is clean and tidy. Start by straightening up the place and putting everything where it goes. Fold the blankets. Set the pillows where you want them. Wash the dishes and put them away.
Grab some household cleaner and then get to cleaning. Wipe down all surfaces and vacuum. Use air freshener. You might be surprised how great your place will look just by cleaning the place up.
A clean space looks great on Insta!

Use color
I am definitely a neutrals gal. I love whites, grays, blacks. I want everything to match perfectly. While that is totally fine, I have learned that playing with a little color is fun. Rather than just having a gray and white living room, accent with some green pillows and maybe even a striped throw blanket. Make it fun! I take tons of selfies on my couch while watching Netflix, so a throw blanket and fun pillow is always fun to have near.

Upgrade Your Countertops and Surfaces
This one requires some money, but honestly, I think makes such a difference. My dad works in the home design business and as a kid, I loved looking at samples of different marble, stone, and quartz materials and pretending I was designing my home.
I love looking a pictures of beautiful kitchens. I mean, who doesn’t love some white marble? I was a huge fan of white marble before it became aesthetically-pleasing, so that would be my first start.
Premier Surfaces fabricates and installs custom countertops and surfaces. They also have more than three decades of experience and a team of expert fabricators and installers who demonstrate what I think is a rare combination of high-touch personal service and craftsmanship. With locations in 10 states – New York, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Alabama, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia – you should be able to visit a location near you!

 Image: Premier Surfaces
 Image: Premier Surfaces
Image: Premier Surfaces

Showcase Your Personality
This is where accent pieces can really be used to show your personality. Choose rustic, boho, elegant pieces or even a mixture to really make your place well, your place. Adding a little personality will not only wow your guests, but also your Insta followers! It is fun to see décor that says a lot about the person.

Bring The Outdoors In
My mom always had plants and flowers in the house, so this might just be second nature to me, but a little greenery really livens up a place. Whether you’re opting for a vase of flowers, a tall house plant, or maybe a tiny cactus, bringing the outdoors inside is fun! I know I love sharing pictures of flowers that I always have on my nightstand on my own Instagram.

Mirrors Aren’t Just For Checking Your Makeup
This is a great tip if you live in a small place. Mirrors make any room look larger and it is fun to play around with different shapes – circles, squares, triangles – you name it!

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Lighting Can Be Fun
You don’t have to stick to just lamps! Lighting makes a huge impact and definitely worth the investment. You can have a lot of fun with different light fixtures.

Feeling inspired to change up your place a bit? Decorating your place is not only just for the perfect Instagram photo obviously, but having a place that you're proud of makes you feel so much more cozy and comfortable in your own home.

What was the last home decor-related thing you did? Give me some inspiration and comment below.


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