Hello, I'm Amanda!

Growing up, I always had a diary, so I launched this blog in 2015 as a way for me to write and share my favorite things and everyday life. It has also become a place where women of all ages can come to for a laugh, encouragement, advice, or a new recipe.

My goal is to be real and create a community here on my little corner of the internet. I hope to share not only my morning routine and latest obsession but also some insight into my life - the good times when I feel on top of the world and the bad times when I feel completely hopeless.

I'm a 27-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a digital news producer, so writing and knowing what's going on in the world is really important to me. I have been blessed with my incredible family, friends, and sweet husband (and high school sweetheart) David. We also have a dog named Leia that we adopted from a local animal shelter.

We live in a small town just outside of Atlanta where we live a pretty simple life. I love being in my kitchen, baking bread, thrifting, homemaking, getting cozy on the couch, and reading my weekly library books.

Fun Fact: Nick Jonas gave me one of his "Vote For Nick" guitar picks and I even got to try Villa One tequila before it hit stores. As a BIG fan, this is very important to me.

Some of my favorite things in life are hanging out with my family and friends, baking my famous chocolate chip cookies, taking pictures, catching up on the news, scrolling through social media, and writing. I enjoy a little bit of whiskey, a good cup of coffee, traveling, laughter, and peonies.

Welcome to this sweet community! Put on some sweatpants or a pretty dress, pour yourself something to drink, and make yourself at home. You are welcome here.


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