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22 Intentions for 2022

 2021 has been hard. I'm ready for a fresh start. This year was a year filled with a lot of sadness, stress, and anxiety. It was a year where very few things seemed to go in my favor. It was a year where if I'm being really honest with you, I could have easily slipped into a really, dark place. And I almost did a few times. With all that said, I'm letting all of that go in 2022. I'm letting go of the sadness. I'm letting go of the stress. I'm letting go of every feeling, every situation, everything that does not serve me. I'm going into 2022 with intention.  Even when life gets hard, I am committed to being grateful for the life I live. I am committed to loving my life and living every day with peace.  I'm going into 2022 with 22 intentions that I am sharing with you. As with every goal or intention I write down, all of these are in present tense as if they are already my reality. 1. I move my body every day in celebration of my health. 2. I walk 6,000 s

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