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Products You Need For Your Skin Every Single Day

 I'm a little obsessed with skincare.  And I'm reading GTFO Of The Sun  and honestly, it is a skincare bible for all of us who really care about taking care of our skin.  I don't wear makeup everyday, especially since the pandemic has me working from home permanently (which honestly we aren't complaining!!) so I've really been able to just let my skin breathe and do its thing. My skin has been a bit of a battle for a few years. If you've been around for a while, you know that I have hormonal acne that also makes its way down to my neck and chest area sometimes. I'm super insecure about it and I mean, it also just hurts. Like physically hurts sometimes. I've recently been trying out some different herbal supplements to help balance out my hormones and I'm actually seeing some progress. I've also been really meticulous about my daily skincare routine and since I've really taken it seriously, there has been a difference. Like as I write this, I

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