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5 Things To Do When Purchasing a New Home

Congratulations on deciding to buy a new home!  The process of getting a new home is very exciting and there are tons of things that you will be itching to do. Want to start checking off your very long list? Here are 5 things to do when purchasing a new home. Follow your agent's lead when making an offer When you are purchasing a new home, the “finding a home” process might be a bit foreign to you. Plus, it has the potential to become stressful, as well. To reduce stress and to make the process as easy as possible, follow your agent's lead. The first step to this is to find a really great agent . (For my Georgia friends, my husband, David , is an agent and would love to help!) In order to find someone great for you, make sure you read reviews, get word-of-mouth testimonials (if possible), and definitely interview them, just to ensure that it’s a great fit for all involved. Once you do that and find your dream team agent, follow their lead throughout the process. Of course, you

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