How To Make Avalanche Cookies

Christmas season is here and for me, that means LOTS of baking and time in the kitchen. 

Every Christmas season, I'm baking a variety of cookies, divinity, and fudge. I like to put together Christmas cookie tins filled with treats for family and friends. It is so sweet to give homemade treats that were truly made with love to the people in my life. 

With all that baking, it is nice to have a few recipes under my belt that don't involve the oven and avalanche cookies is one of those delicious, no bake recipes! 

 Years ago, David's aunt brought these to the family's Christmas party and I ate... a lot. Now, I'm sharing the recipe with you over on Instagram.


Here are some items that will make making avalanche cookies a little easier:

Happy baking! Or should I say... no baking! 

 xx, Amanda

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