What To Pack In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

 Maids of honor, I'm talking to you.

I was recently a maid of honor for one of my closest friends on her big day and truly it was the honor of a lifetime. It was an honor to be by her side and make sure that she did not stress or worry about a single thing. 

If you are lovingly given the role of maid of honor at a wedding, it comes with a few tasks and one of those tasks is to pack a wedding day emergency kit.

Basically, you should be sure to have all the little things that anyone just might need the day of the wedding. You need to be ready for any emergency that needs to be solved ASAP. Hopefully, you won't need to use anything in the kit, but being prepared is always the best thing.

Before we get into everything that should be in your wedding day emergency kit, you might be wondering what you're supposed to put everything in. Honestly, a storage bin is a good option or even a nice tote bag. You want something big enough to easily store everything.

Here's your wedding day emergency kit packing list:

A printed copy of the wedding day timeline
Extra makeup for touch-ups
Extra earrings and earring backs
Nail polish & remover
Tampons or pads
Small snacks (like granola bars or crackers)

Weddings are beautiful and magical, but mishaps can happen. Being a prepared maid of honor will take so much stress of the bride on her big day! Trust me, she'll thank you. 


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