What To Pack In Your Beach Bag

 Summer is here and beach trips are upon us!

My family usually goes on an annual beach trip, but we missed a few years. This year, we are finally all going to spend a week together at the beach!


The beach is my happy place. David and I dream of the day we own some beach property, but until that time comes, we'll just enjoy every moment we can on a beach. While we don't live that close to the beach, we can get to a couple of beaches in 3 to 4 hours, so we're thankful that the beach isn't *too* far away. 

If you know David, you know that he is all about fishing. He spends his time at the beach fishing pretty much the entire time. That's his thing. I like to spend my time at the beach walking in the water, sitting in my beach chair with a book, and just soaking in the scenery. 

With that said, we both can spend the entire day at the beach. We load up everything onto David's fishing wagon and we're set for the whole day. You can imagine that we kind of take a lot of things: David's fishing supplies, a cooler filled with drinks and lunch, beach chairs and an umbrella, and then I've got my beach bag. I've never been more thankful for David's fishing wagon because that means I don't have to carry anything. Thank God!

David kind of handles everything, but one thing I always pack up is my beach bag. I've had the same beach bag for almost a decade now and I bought it from Victoria's Secret. It is giant and made of a clear plastic material, which in my opinion, is the best type of material for a beach bag. It is waterproof and sturdy, perfect for a sandy beach.

As much as I would like to say that I throw on my bathing suit and can spend a day on the beach with minimal items... that would be a lie. I NEED all the things, so a big beach bag is a must and this is what I have in my beach bag at all times.


I am BIG on SPF and not just any sunscreen. I always opt for a mineral sunscreen. I use retinol on my face, so I have to wear SPF every day on my face, but at the beach, it is SO important to have a good sunscreen. Don't forget to reapply it a few times!

Beach Towel

I don't like to lay out on a beach towel (more on that in a sec), but you've got to have a beach towel always, always, always.

Beach Blanket

If I'm laying out on the beach and not sitting in my beach chair, I always use a beach blanket. They are lightweight, don't hold on to the sand, and are bigger than your average beach towel. I can't go to the beach without one!

Makeup Bag with Mini Essentials

I don't wear makeup to the beach. Props to all the girlies who do, but I'm just not one of them. I do, however, have a small bag with SPF lip balm, deodorant, a hair clip, a hair tie, a mini brush, and some moisturizer.


You've got to protect your eyes! While designer brands are great, I just wear a pair of sunglasses I like under like $20, because if they get scratched up, broken, or lost while I'm at the beach, it's no big deal.


Yes, your scalp can get sunburned and wearing a hat not only prevents that but also keeps the sun out of your face. I usually wear a baseball hat, but there are really cute beach hats, too. I just haven't bought one.

A Good Beach Read

I need to read at the beach. It's just my thing. I mostly love books about mystery and true crime, but I've also read some romance and historical fiction books that I've enjoyed. The best part is... you don't have to spend a dime. I get most of my books from the library.

A few honorable mentions that don't go in my beach bag, but a cooler: A water bottle, extra water, a ranch water (AKA tequila soda with lime) in my Brumate, watermelon, and a sub. Ready for the beach? I am!



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