We made it to 2016! I hope that you had a great night ringing in the new year. I stayed home in my pjs and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve while sipping on some sparkling grape juice (alcohol isn't my thing). I do that every year and I enjoy it so much. What did you do?

I am looking forward to what this year will bring. I am starting this new year with a clean slate. No fears. No worries. No doubt. Negativity is staying in 2015. I have some goals for 2016.

Personal Goals:
1. Be kind.
There is so much negativity, oppression, and just meanness in the world today. I want to be different. I feel like kindness is almost becoming a thing of the past, but this year, I am going to simply be kind.!
2. Love.
This world is in desperate need of love. Christians are becoming so well known for what we are against and we are being seen as people who don't love. I don't think that is what God wants. The most important thing is my relationship with God and I am still growing. I don't have the answers to so many questions, but I do know that I am called to love everyone; even those who are different than I am, want to hurt me, and I disagree with. Jesus did. He loves me and before I was His child, I was enemy. Christ loves us all, so I will do the same.
3. Better my Health
This is so much more than losing weight. Yes, I will be exercising regularly, but I will also eat healthy and work to improving my mental health as well. I will work on how I see myself and learn to love those things I consider insecurities.
4. Be Fearless.
Some of the best oppurtunities have happened because I just put fear aside and took a risk. In 2016, I want to be more fearless and go out and work to achieve my goals and dreams.

School/Work Goals:
1. Get all A's in my classes
2. Grow my university's chapter of Her Campus as the Social Media Director
3. Improve and grow this blog
4. Improve and grow the Vlog channel that David and I run
5. Dive into, improve, and grow my personal YouTube account and make weekly lifestyle videos (beauty, fashion, decor, etc.)

Those are my goals for 2016 and now I want to hear yours! Leave a comment below! Also, I am now a brand affiliate for Target, Toms, and Pacsun! These are brands that I absolutely love and couldn't live without, so to be working with them is so wonderful! 

Thank you so much reading! Please subscribe to this blog, follow me on my social media accounts, and subscribe to my Vlog channel! Your support means the absolute world to me and I am so grateful for you. Cheers to a new year!


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