Happy Sunday everyone! I just got back from church and now I am just prepping for the week ahead, but decided to take a little break and write a blog post. 

Social media is pretty much taking over the internet today. I enjoy using social media and I definitely get on it probably a little too much, but I'm not against it at all. However, there are a few problems with it. Today, I'm going to focus on the very popular hashtag, #goals. It's evident that people are harshly judging themselves and comparing themselves to others on Instagram. 


I'm one who struggles with confidence. I look in the mirror and immediately pick out the flaws. I'm really hard on myself. 

I am so guilty of going through Instagram feeds and looking at pictures and getting this view of people who have what I think is the perfect body, perfect life, perfect relationship, perfect..whatever; often forgetting that social media is usually just the highlights, not every bit of a person's life. For example, if you look at my Instagram, you'll see pictures of Atlanta, my boyfriend, my family, etc. All of those pictures are pictures that I choose to share because I think they look pretty or show a happy moment. However, I don't show a picture of David, my boyfriend, and I in the middle of a discussion about something we don't agree on. I don't show you a picture of me feeling stressed because finances are rough. You don't see that. You see the good things and perhaps if you look at that and get a distorted view of life as always being perfect. 


If you want to have goals, then please do. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone or wanting to achieve great things. I have personal, professional, and spiritual goals, but the problem arises when you make these "goals" a lifestyle. If you're looking for the approval of others, you're bound to live a disappointing life. You're setting yourself up for disappointment by wishing you could be someone else because God made you who you are and exactly who He wants you to be.

There will always be someone out there who is skinnier, taller, thicker hair, prettier, tanner, fill-in-the-blank. There will always be someone out there who has something you don't have. I'm not pointing fingers by addressing this topic and I'm certainly not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves, because I'm just as guilty. There are two things I've noticed by comparing myself to others: judging and putting yourself down. And are there really any positives that come out of either of these? When you're judging someone, you look for the flaws in them because you want an advantage on them.  When you compare yourself to others, you're looking for the same, except when you find something they have that you don't, it automatically brings you down. Both really suck the happiness out of you because at the end of the day, you're still you. Being YOU is perfectly okay. God has made me exactly the way He wants and He looks at me and sees me as beautiful and flawless.


The Bible says that jealousy is "cancer to the bones." There is nothing good that ever comes out of being jealous of others. You're never going to be content with who you are unless you let God intervene.

 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6. 

I'm not saying that this is what you have to believe, but I'm saying that this is the best option I've ever found. No human or thing has ever given me a better comfort than what God has given me.  


You can try to reach this goal or this image that you're trying to be something you're not, but you're never going to be someone else. You're never going to be this false image of perfection that you have in your mind. If you are content with comparing yourself to others, by all means, good for you. Do what makes you happy, but that has never worked for me. If you're like me, maybe try talking to God or opening your Bible. Maybe just see what God has to say and listen to His words to find comfort and peace.


You are beautiful and you are so so special. Maybe instead of #lifegoals, maybe we should start a #relationshipwithGodgoals

There is nothing wrong with using #goals at all. I use it sometimes, but what I'm trying to say is don't get caught up in thinking that life is perfect. Don't lose sight of yourself and who you are trying to have a so-called perfect life. It is unattainable. I could chase all the things in this world, but in the end, it all goes away. To step away from the hashtag for a second: goals are not a bad thing to have either. I have goals for my life. I have personal, professional, and spiritual goals. For me, I look to Christ and to have a deep relationship with Him is my ultimate goal in this life. 


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