Dorm Tour: Sorority House Edition

The blog post that you have been waiting for is here: my dorm tour! Excited? Good! I’m just going to get right into it!

The Closet:

Who knew that it was possible to have a walk-in closet when you live on campus? I love my closet it fits everything so well! As you can see, I have clothes hanging up and more clothes in my dresser drawers. The plastic drawers on my dresser have extra products that I need. The first drawer has hair products and supplies, such as my flat iron and brushes; the second drawer has medicine, bandaids, and other toiletry items; and the third drawer is a bit more random with cotton balls, nail polish, shoe cleaner, and a hammer (lol don’t ask). On top of my dresser I have lotion, deodorant, perfume, jewelry, and other stuff like that. Next to my dresser I have my hamper. My shoes are just kind of on the ground, but I should probably get a shoe rack. On the top shelf I have art supplies, a blanket, extra towels, and a basket with my purses and wallets. I also had Casey’s basket for Big/Little reveal up there, but it is no longer there because I finally got to tell her I’m her Big!

Next up is the room, well my side of it. So I have a mini fridge which I love! It has both a freezer and refrigerator, which is really helpful. I have frozen yogurt, chicken breasts, and vegetables in the freezer and some fruit, cheese, and water in the fridge. I keep the food that I cook with downstairs in the main fridge and pantry. On top of my fridge is some peonies, my water bottle that I had just washed, my Teavana Perfectea Maker, and my router box. Next to my fridge is my letter bag, backpack, and a wastebasket. My desk has my makeup, a desk lamp, and roses from David! I also have a Febreeze Small Spaces Air Freshener that I absolutely love on my desk. Hanging on the wall is an AOII canvas.

My bed is raised and underneath it I have a bucket with a washcloth, sponge, and some cleaning supplies, a box of stuff that is currently being sold on my Poshmark closet, two plastic totes, my luggage set, and a purple box that I got from my Big when I got initiated. The first plastic tote holds pots and pans, plates, Tupperware, a single-serve blender, a roll of paper towels, and some plastic silverware. I never use the pots and pans because the sorority house has quite a bit of them, but I have them just in case. In the second tote I have plastic bags, snacks, and extra pantry food that won’t fit. In the purple box is really just random AOII things like a koozie, feather boa, and mason jar with my name on it. Above my bed I have some white twinkle lights, my first initial and pictures. I keep it pretty simple.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my college room! If you want a video, PLEASE let me know and I will gladly do that for you!




  1. I am so envious that you have such a big closet! When I lived on our sorority hall, we had these horrible sliding door closets!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog. The closet is one of the many perks of living in the sorority house! LOL

  2. Thanks for showing us your room! It's pretty!! I wish the pictures were a bit bigger though! Can't wait to see more of your posts!

    Sarah |

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely keep the picture size in mind for future posts!

      - Amanda


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