How I Study and Get Homework Done

I'll admit it: studying and homework is not fun. However, when I stick to my schedule and am able to check every assignment I have to finish for the day or week off my list, I feel so accomplished. Here is how I study and get my homework done. Let me know your routine in either a comment, mention on Twitter (@AmandaDAlvarado), or by tagging me an Instagram picture (@AmandaDAlvarado)!

Pick a Place
Where you study and do homework is so important! I can focus in the room really well, so that is where I get most of my work done. If you can focus in your dorm room, then great! If not, try the library or other quiet place. I also enjoy going to Starbucks to get things done.

Bring Everything
Bring everything you'll need: pens, your laptop, textbooks, whatever! If you have everything, there won't be an excuse not to do something. Don't forget snacks and a water bottle!

Create a Plan
Your planner will probably be your best friend in college. My planner has everything in it: assignments to do, when to study, due dates, everything. At the beginning of each semester, I take the syllabus from every class and plan out my entire semester. I write down due dates and every assignment I'll work on everyday. This saves me a lot of time later in the semester. Sometimes assignments and other dates change, but for the most part, everything stays the same. After I finish studying or an assignment, I highlight it. This helps me clearly see what needs to be done.

Now that I am in my upper-level classes, I have more papers and hands-on assignments rather than tests, so I do not really use flashcards anymore. If you can use flashcards for your class, I recommend it! I would make flashcards after each class for the notes and readings. It is so helpful and makes it easy to study anywhere!

Push Through!
Taking a break is fine: grab some coffee, go for a walk, watch ONE episode of Gossip Girl. After your little break, get right back to it! Don't get behind because once you do that, it is so hard to get caught back up.

I hope these little tips are helpful and will help you be organized and stress a little less!


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