Tips to Relieve Stress in College

Welcome back! This has definitely been my most stressful and busy semester of college. I feel like I am constantly doing homework and when I'm not, its because I'm sleeping or eating. I get stressed easily, but I have learned some ways to relieve it and today, I'm sharing those tips with you.

Make Lists
I use my agenda and it is one of my essentials for not only college, but life! I have meetings, due dates, and other important dates on the monthly calendars in my agenda. On the weekly section where it has space to write on what to do each day, I write down mostly everything on monthly portion as well and also the assignments I have to work on that day. When I finish, I highlight it. This gives me an organized and clean way to know what I have to accomplish that day. This makes life much less stressful! I write out everything from due dates to when I'm working on assignments at the beginning of the semester when I get the syllabus for my classes and then pretty much stick to that for the semester. Occasionally, I have to add something, but for the most part, it works well for me.

Work Out
I spend about thirty minutes every morning doing yoga and some strength training. This gives me energy and wakes me up. I am not a fan of working out in the evening, so this works best for me. Working out is a great stress reliever and I always feel good about myself when I get my morning workout in!

Sip Some Tea and Read
I like to have a warm cup of tea every evening while I read my Bible and it is a quiet moment in my evening that I look forward to. It is a good break from my day and a reminder that (usually) my assignments for the day are almost finished.

Watch Some TV
When I need a break, I always watch some shows or a movie. I don't have a TV in my room at college, so I usually grab my iPad and watch one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I'm currently loving Gossip Girl, PLL, Jessica Jones, and Fuller House.

I have never pulled an all-nighter to do homework or study, because I don't think that they are beneficial or help, but I have stayed up late to work on and finish assignments. We all get tired and have days when we are desperate for sleep, so take a nap! Whether you only need ten minutes or an hour, just get some sleep so that you can keep pushing through!

I hope that these little tips will help you be a little less stressed and I want to know what other advice you have! Share a comment below and help me and other readers out. If you read this blog, you are family and as a family, we are here to help each other! See you all on Wednesday!


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