Healthy Living in College

I do not think that I have mentioned this, but I am working to lose some weight and improve my overall health. I want to be my healthiest self and the best time to start is now! I am not making anymore excuses and I am finally taking this seriously because I am tired of being unhappy with my health and body. I have always been a little overweight and while I am working to lose weight, I am focusing more on making healthy lifestyle choices. I have been working on this for about a month and I decided to share my journey with you guys. I need people to keep me accountable, so if you are also working to improve your health, leave a comment below and we can all work as a team to encourage and learn from each other. I have some tips for you if you are like me and trying to improve your health. These tips are aimed for college students, but I think that they can apply to really anybody.
Buy Healthy Food
In college, it is easy to keep snacks like chips and cookies around your dorm to snack on. These snacks are easy and cheap, but they are so unhealthy, especially if you are eating them often. Next time you go grocery shopping, pick up some healthier options. My current favorites include granola bars, light string cheese, greek yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even popcorn (if you have an air-popper)!

I focus on my diet the most, but working out is good for you and makes you feel good as well. I spend about twenty minutes every Monday through Friday morning doing yoga and strength training. Saturdays are pure cardio and if I have time on the other days, I get some cardio in. Evening workouts just do not work for me because I am so busy with homework, organizations I'm involved in at school, and this blog, so the morning is the best time for me to workout. I usually watch Netflix while I workout because it makes the time fly by.

Make Good Choices at Mealtime
I do not have a meal plan because I live in the sorority house and we have a kitchen. Instead of buying microwave dinners and going out to eat daily, I cook healthy meals. For dinner, I focus on protein and vegetables. I am also working on portion control, which has been hard, but I am learning. If you do have a meal plan, choose wisely! There are usually healthy options at all dining halls. Instead of chicken tenders and fries, opt for a chicken breast, veggies, and maybe even rice or roasted potatoes!

Water is the only thing I really drink. I have coffee on some mornings and sometimes hot tea, but I pretty much stick to water. Carry around a water bottle with you so you aren't tempted to grab a soda form the vending machines.

Don't Deprive Yourself
Want a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a slice of pizza when you're out with your girls? Go for it! Do not deprive yourself of anything. Moderation is key!

Reward Yourself
Did you complete all your goals for the week or month? Go get a tan or buy that cute dress you've been eyeing. Go for it! If you are improving your health, you need to reward yourself and keep motivated!

Feel motivated? Good! We can do this together! Comment below or tag me on Twitter and Instagram @AmandaDAlvarado. I believe in YOU!


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