Life Update

I apologize for this post being so late. I got home about an hour ago from working a 10 hour day! Anyway, I'm exhausted but I'm thankful and so grateful to have a job and a little money in the bank.

I am on spring break this week and unlike many college students, I am staying home. I'm broke. If you're also broke and just going home for spring break, comment below! We can dream of the beach together. With that said, I'm glad to just have a week to forget about assignments and classes and just relax. I am going to spend my days watching Netflix, crafting for my little, and... FILMING YOUTUBE VIDEOS! Yes! You read that right. I am FINALLY kick starting my lifestyle channel with a dorm tour video. David and I will be vlogging as well, so be sure to check out our vlog channel. 

A little fitness update for you all: I started the Blogilates beginner workout calendar and just finished day 8! I was really proud of myself for coming home and getting my workout in even after working all day. I have also been watching what I eat and keeping away from junk food and eating healthy. I am seeing improvements in my endurance throughout the workouts. I've always loved Pilates, so the Blogilates workouts are perfect!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and since I'm on break, I'm going to be bored so talk to me! Comment! Ask me something on Tumblr! Give me YouTube video ideas! Anything! I absolutely LOVE talking with my readers. 


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