Let's Procrastinate: Netflix Favorites!

Welcome back! I have been so busy with school and I am looking forward to summer! I have a possible internship lined up, which is exciting! Because the end of the semester is near, I have papers and final projects due in the next few weeks, so I have been so busy! Sometimes, I just need to take a break and when I need a break, I usually get my workout in. If I have already done my workout, I grab my iPad and watch Netflix! Need some Netflix suggestions? I've got you covered!

1. Fuller House
If you like Full House, then you'll like this! I watched the ENTIRE season in less than 24 hours. 

2. Pretty Little Liars
I am currently re-watching PLL and I love it. I am also picking up all these clues that.I completely over looked before!

3. How I Met Your Mother
My boyfriend, David, LOVES this show. I haven't seen the entire series, but I do enjoy this! It's so funny and Neil Patrick Harris is so great.

4. Grease! Live
I absolutely LOVE live theatre, so this is one of my favorites. The entire cast is so talented! Fun fact: if I could pursue any career, it would be acting! I've done a little live theatre, a short film, and some extra work!

5. Gossip Girl
I've watched this series three times. It never gets old. 

6. Jessica Jones
We watched the first episode in one of my film classes and I was hooked. Kristen Ritter is amazing and there will be a 2nd season coming soon!

7. Forrest Gump
It's a classic. Need I say more?

8. Blue Bloods
My mom is a huge Donnie Wahlberg fan, so the fandom has kind of rubbed off on me. Wahlberg stars in this series and it is so good! If you like crime shows, this is great!

9. Friends
It's great. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and start now.

10. Gilmore Girls
One of my absolute favorites. The relationship between Lorlei and Rory is so much like the relationship I have with my mom. This is so great! Are you team Dean, Jess, or Logan? Oh, and Luke and Lorlei better be together and happy in the reboot.

Have any additions?? Let me know in a comment below! 


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