Fitness Friday #2

Happy Friday! What plans do you have this weekend? The only weekend plans I have is a recruitment workshop on Saturday.

I'm updating you on my journey to better health today! I can't remember if I shared my current fitness program with you, but I'm following the C25K app and the Blogilates monthly calendars. I am loving this plan. In a month, I've lost 6 pounds! It's only 6 pounds, but still really exciting! I'm also working towards a 80% vegan diet. I'm probably about at 40% now.

Once I get to a mostly vegan diet, if I find I want to go all the way, then I'll do it. When I do eat meat and dairy, I make sure that it is organic and I've been doing research to see which brands are the most animal and environment friendly! I've learned that almond milk is seriously WAY better than regular milk. I love it!

That is really all for today. Sorry for such a short and boring post, but I'll see you all in a post soon.


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