Future Now Tour: Opening Night in Atlanta

Welcome back my beautiful readers! I cannot believe that it is already July. 2016 is flying by, but it's been a great year so far and I'm looking forward to everything still to come. This past week was packed with NICK JONAS. Yes, Nick Jonas. This week I not only attended the Future Now Tour (also called the Honda Civic Tour), but I also met Nick and while it was a very quick meet-up, he is incredibly kind. Want to know how it went? Keep reading!

On Monday, I got word that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato would be handing out popsicles at 2 p.m. at Atlanta Station, a shopping center in Atlanta on Tuesday. My sister, Janett, and I arrived around 9:30 a.m. and were one of the first people in line. Nick and Demi arrived and I got to talk to Nick for a few seconds, before he handed me a popsicle. The individuals in charge of the meet-up needed to keep the line moving, so while a longer conversation would've been nice, I totally understood why we had to keep it short and not take any photos. I had never gotten the chance to meet Nick after being a fan for ten years, so this was so exciting! If you aren't a fan, I encourage you to give his new album, "Last Year Was Complicated" a listen. It is really good and you might at least gain some respect for his talent. He is incredibly kind and one of the most humble individuals I've ever encountered.

So, that was Tuesday. Wednesday, I went into my internship at The Bert Show, but after that, my boyfriend (David) and I met Janett at Phillips Arena. We had soundcheck tickets for Nick and were the very first ones in line! While in line, I got an e-mail saying that I had won two tickets from Tidal for the show! This was exciting because David and I had tickets, but not Janett! I was so excited that she would be able to join us!

Soundcheck was incredible! I highly recommend attending a soundcheck for the next concert you attend if you can afford it. Thankfully, these soundcheck tickets were inexpensive, but soundchecks just have a different vibe. Soundchecks are much more intimate and while Nick does a really great job of interacting with the crowd while performing, because soundchecks are a much smaller crowd, you can almost connect with the music and artist better. We weren't allowed to take any pictures or video, but it was such a great experience! David is a music major at the university we attend and plans on pursuing a career in the music industry as a music producer, so he really enjoys great music, and says that Nick's music is just that. Nick sang what is probably our favorite song on LYWC, "Good Girls" and being able to sing along to the music and dance a little with Janett was so much fun! Also, David definitely wins the best boyfriend award because he caught Nick's guitar pick for me! I accidentally knocked it out of David's hand, but a guard picked it up for me. David made me the happiest girl in that whole arena! 

We left soundcheck and grabbed some food at the CNN Center. We were starving and wanted to get some food before the concert. Because I had won tickets earlier, David invited our very good friend, Drew to attend the concert with us! Both David and Drew are all about music and were impressed by Nick and Demi. I'm pretty sure they're fans now, haha! 

Rich Homie Quan and Migos opened the show and really got the crowd going! After a bit of a break, Nick came on. He sang a few songs, including "Bacon," "Chains," and "Numb". He's incredible live and never disappoints. Demi is also so incredible and that girl can sing. Can I be her, please? T.I. came on stage and sang his new song, "Dope" and then invited Nick to join him on "Whatever You Like," which is really one of my guilty pleasure songs. Demi sang "Live Your Life" with T.I. and then sang a few of her songs, including "Stone Cold" which I think is a song that really highlights her talent. Demi debuted her new song, "Body Say," which is fire, you guys. It's been on repeat since it was released! Nick came back and closed his set with "Jealous" and then Demi closed with "Cool For The Summer". This concert was amazing and my only complaint was that it was too short! I felt like it should've been longer, but it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Nick and Demi are amazing and so incredibly talented.

I hope that you enjoyed hearing about my Future Now Tour experience and if they are coming to your town or near you, I highly suggest you buy tickets! If they aren't coming near you or you just can't wait and need a little sneak peak, you can watch part of the concert on Tidal. 

Also, this post is not sponsored at all by any person or company. I know that I've mentioned celebrities, companies, and places, but I am not affliated with them at all! I did document the entire day on Snapchat and if you missed out, go ahead and add me (ItsAmandaDale) so you don't miss out on my next adventure! Snapchat always gets the first look. While we're on the subject, don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July and stay safe! If you are out and need a ride home, take an Uber or Lyft! You can even use the code, "amandaa6437ue" on Uber and "amanda207306" on Lyft! Thank you for all of your love and support. I'll see you in my next post.


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