5 Budgeting Tips for Back to School

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Can you believe that it is August? 2016 is flying by. I start classes again on August 22, so I am prepping for the new year. I've got three semesters left of my college career which is so crazy to me. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Today, I'm giving you five budgeting tips to help you make smart financial decisions when you get back to campus. As college students, most of us are low on money and really need to make it stretch, so here are some tips to keep your wallet and bank account happy this year!

  1. Save money on food. As a college student, it is easy to stop by Starbucks every day and grab a bite to eat with friends. This is totally okay on occasion, but it can get costly and it probably is not the best option for your health. Make smart health and money choices by buying groceries and cooking your own food! If you've never really cooked before, Pinterest is your friend! It is fun to experiment and is a good way to keep your body and wallet happy.
  2. Need to shop? Look out for promotions and sales. I always look for promotions and sales when I'm shopping for anything. You might not always find the perfect sale, but every little bit helps!
  3. Create a budget! Seriously. This is so important and will keep you from overspending. I use the Dave Ramsey plan along with my own spending to figure out how much to budget for certain things. I also use Mint to track it all! Mint is amazing and so easy to use! I totally recommend it. 
  4. Have a savings plan. It is so important to have at least one savings account for emergencies. I try to save at least 10% of my income. You will thank yourself for saving and planning while you're young.
  5. Treat yourself! Yes, reward yourself for being financially smart. You just have to! College can be stressful, so it is totally okay to give yourself a treat every now and then. Want to grab drinks with your girls? Go for it! Can't get those shoes you saw a few weeks ago off your mind? Get them!
I hope these few tips help you out this year! Here's to a wonderful school year and a happy bank account.


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