What Not To Do During Sorority Recruitment

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August is here which means that college is starting back up for many of us. A big part of my college life is Alpha Omicron Pi, which is the sorority that I am a sister of! I remember being so nervous during recruitment, so I decided to do a what NOT to do post for you! A list of some do's for recruitment will be coming up next week, so be on the lookout for that! These are pretty standard rules for what not to do, but some are just my personal option and might not 100% fit you, but it might spark a thought on something you feel you definitely should or should't do that I did not mention.

1. Do Not Stalk To The Point Of Invading Privacy
It is totally fine to look up the sororities at your school on social media. I did that to get a feel for each sorority before recruitment and if you come across social media accounts belonging to sisters, if you want to check out their Insta or Twitter, then go ahead. What you shouldn't do is request to follow a girl who has her account set to private. It is private for a reason and if you really want to look at other social media accounts belonging to sisters, I'm sure there will be public ones you can take a look at and follow if you want to.

2. Do Not Wear Revealing Clothes
You will be expected to dress classy to the recruitment events. Do not wear a low-cut or super short dress. Keep it classy and there are so many ideas on Pinterest if you are stumped. 

3. Don't Talk About Inappropriate Topics
There are few topics that are taboo topics during sorority recruitment. Do not talk about parties, alcohol, boys, etc. If you are interested in partying, there are girls in every sorority that will go out with you. You should be focusing on the sisterhood and how you feel around the girls in each sorority. Other taboo topics include politics, your wealth (or lack of), and complaints/pessimism.

If you have some things to add or maybe disagree with something, please add a comment below! I would love to see other perspectives! We can all help each other out. If you would like a recruitment outfits blog post, I can definitely do that! Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next post.


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