Sorority House Dorm Tour!

Happy Friday! As you read this, I am currently in recruitment meeting new girls who are interested in joining Greek life and I am so excited to have new editions to my AOII family in just a couple of days. Yay for scheduled posts!

Now that I have been in school for three weeks, I finally feel like my room is perfect and it is time to give you all a little tour of the room that is in my AOII sorority house, my home away from home! If you would like a YouTube video, let me know! I'd love to do that for you. Anyway, let's get right to it.

When you walk in, this is what you see! I share the room with Casey, who is obviously one of my sorority sisters, but she is also my Little! We are literally the same person and so chill, which makes this the perfect arrangement! Best roommate ever!
As you can see, my bed is lofted, with my desk, drawer organizers, and my mini fridge underneath it. I have my letter bag and laptop bag hanging on the end, and I also have a towel hanger hanging from my bed. I hang my towel and my towel wrap, which is from PB Dorm and I highly recommend it, from it.

I absolutely love my bed. Seriously. I have a four-inch mattress pad on it and it makes my bed incredibly comfortable. The bedding is from Pink. It is one of their bed-in-a-bag sets and while I think this is discontinued because I got it on clearance about a year ago, they've got more! The throw blanket is from Target. I have a few AOII canvases hanging, as well as my first initial about my bed. 

I love these Christmas lights underneath my bed. They are pretty bright and look so cute! I have a few pictures of family and friends on the wall. On my mini fridge, I have some mugs and cups, paper towels, and fake peonies (my favorite flower). I keep fruits and vegetables that I can eat raw in my fridge, along with my Brita water pitcher, coffee creamer, and string cheese. In the freezer, I have a pint of Halo Top ice cream and some Dole Fruit Dippers. We have a kitchen downstairs and most of my food that I cook with is down there, but there is limited space, so I keep snack food in my room. I have a drawer organizer and I just keep my coffee, cans of tuna, crackers, and popcorn in it. I also have plastic bags, plastic silverware, and extra Brita filters in the drawers. On the drawers, I have bananas and my $10 single-serve coffee maker from Walmart. It works great and I can't afford a Keurig. 

On the other end of my bed, I keep another drawer organizer and my dresser. In the drawers, I have hair tools in the top, first aid and medicine in the second, and extra toiletries in the bottom. On my dresser, I have hair products, lotions, perfume, and coconut oil. I use coconut oil to oil pull and moisturize my face. In my dresser, the first drawer has bras, socks, and underwear; the second has t-shirts, the bottom has leggings, shorts, and sweatpants. We have a walk-in closet by the door, which is where I keep other clothes, my laundry basket, shoes, and other extra stuff.

I spend a lot of time blogging, planning, studying, and doing homework here. I keep my makeup, brushes, and mirror here. I have a desk organizer, which I picked up for $7 at TJ Maxx and I also have a desk lamp and router box. I have a wax melter, which is a great investment. They aren't expensive and perfect for dorm rooms because in most college housing, you can't burn candles. I have an AOII canvas hanging above the desk and my paddle hanging on the side. 

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my bedroom in my home away from home. Have a beautiful weekend! 


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