Tips For Sorority Recruitment

Welcome back to my blog! I'm saying that to myself too because I know I was away for a little while. I had recruitment work week the week before classes started and then classes, so I just wanted to give myself some time to get back into the swing of things. I'm almost done with college which is so crazy. It is definitely bittersweet.

Today, I am giving you tips for sorority recruitment. I know many schools have recruitment the week before classes starts, but my university has recruitment about three weeks into fall semester, so in one week, it will be bid day! If you don't know, I am a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, so I am so excited to have new members coming soon! I am going to be a grand-big. That means that my little will be taking a little. Wow, I'm old. Enough about me, let's get into the tips!

Do Not Be Set On One House
If you go in set on one house, you completely limit yourself and shut yourself to your dream sorority without even knowing it. Give every sorority your all and give them a chance. Each sorority on your campus is great and each have their own sisterhood that are perfect for different people. It is fine to look at each sorority's social media and get a feel for them, but don't limit yourself. The girls who are already sisters know their sisterhood better than you do, so trust the system. I went in with an idea of which sorority I wanted to join. Before recruitment, AOII wasn't my top choice, but that completely changed the first day. I would have joined the wrong sisterhood for me or dropped from recruitment if I had limited myself to one house.

Look and Feel Your Best
Listen, looks don't matter. I know this and believe it 100%, but when you look your best, you feel your best. You wouldn't go into a job interview in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Recruitment attire usually ranges from dressy casual to business casual, with allowances for style. Do your hair and put some makeup on. It doesn't have to be a full face if you don't wear a lot of makeup. I can be as simple as some mascara and BB cream. 

Take Notes ASAP
This is important, especially if your school has a lot of sororities. If you don't jot down a few notes after each recruitment event, you will probably forget how you felt and you might switch up how you felt with different sororities. You don't have to write an essay, but just a sentence or two to help you remember is perfect. It will help you narrow it down when you have to cut sororities.

Think Beyond Recruitment
It is easy to have a great conversation with a girl and think, "Yeah, I totally belong here," but think beyond that moment. Do you see yourself there on a Sunday night with your pajamas and no makeup on? 

Be Selfish
This week and the decision you make is for you and you only. Are a legacy, but don't see yourself in that sorority? Are your friends all about one sorority, but you aren't feeling it? Did you connect with one girl and don't want to let her down for not choosing her sorority? Do you girl. Go with your gut. This is your decision and your future sisterhood. 

I hope that these tips will help you out! Happy Recruitment!


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