Weekend Recap: Sisterhood Retreat, Starting a 10-Page Paper

Happy Monday! I am so busy, but what is keeping me motivated is that in two weeks, I will be back at home with a cup of coffee, probably watching Live! with Kelly prepping for Thanksgiving with my Mom. I wanted to start this week's posts with a little weekend recap and share with you what I did this weekend...which included starting a 10-page paper (it will be the death of me).

I'll start with Friday.. I slept in a little and made cinnamon rolls! I have really changed my eating habits, but this morning I decided to swap out my toast topped with avocado and an egg (my favorite!) with a cinnamon roll and a glass of milk. YUM! For the rest of the day, I worked on some assignments and filmed a new YouTube video for you guys. Quick side note about my YouTube channel... I know that I am not really active, but I'm trying to do more. My resources are scarce, so my iPhone is my camera and I just use iMovie. Until I have the money to get a nice camera, bare with me! I'm your typical broke college student (seriously). Around 5, I got ready for Transition, which is a ceremony we have for new members the day before Initiation. After that, Casey (my Little) and I went and got dinner. Dinner was so fancy... McDonald's! LOL, Friday was my cheat day.

The next morning, I got up and made some coffee. I enjoyed Gossip Girl and got ready for Initiation. After initiation, I changed and headed to my chapter's Sisterhood Retreat! It was a lot of fun. We had Chick-fil-a (I had salad with a few nuggets), the new Bigs and Littles had their paddle/letter shirt reveal, and we played some games. It was so much fun. Take a look at some photos below:
A basic fam pic for you guys - Jordan (Grandbig), Mallory (Big), Me, Casey (Little), and Ahlam (Grandlittle). This is just my side... I have two siblings (AKA Mallory has two other Littles who are also my BFFs) and we have a huge family.
Casey with her paddle and Ahlam with her letter shirt! When Casey saw her paddle, she cried and it was so funny/sweet.

After the sisterhood retreat, I quickly changed and headed back to my hometown for my brother's 19th birthday dinner. After that, I went back to campus and went right to sleep. I was exhausted.

Sunday...I woke up kind of early, but probably because of the time change. I did a little work and got tired, so I took a nap. What I thought would be maybe 30 minutes turned out to be... TWO HOURS. I was still tired, but I made myself wake up. I started on my 10-page paper which is due a week from Friday (pray for me please) and then went and got groceries and had dinner with my mom. I got back, showered, and continued working on my paper until it was time for bed.

Exciting weekend, right? Haha, I know, not really. It was pretty low-key, but I enjoyed it. Check back Wednesday for a new post! 


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