What's In My Backpack: College Edition

by - November 28, 2016

Happy Monday! I am back to the grind after a much needed week off of school. It was amazing! I went home and helped my mom with Thanksgiving things, celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, went Black Friday shopping, and just really took time to relax. A personal victory for me - I didn't gain any weight and kept up with my workouts over the break! I'm trying to lose some weight and I haven't lost it as quickly as I'd like, but I'm proud of myself for the weight I have lost and the healthy choices I've made.

I'm giving you a peak into what I keep in my backpack. A backpack is a necessity if you're a student and when you go to a large university, you need backpack that will sustain the long walks and hold your notebooks and laptop perfectly. I use a backpack from The North Face that I got on sale for $25. It is roomy and even has a laptop sleeve built in! I do not usually carry my MacBook Pro with me because I write out all my notes, but I do carry my iPad Air 2 with me, so I keep it in the laptop sleeve.

In my backpack, I keep a 5-subject notebook. Each of my classes has one section. I'm in my upper-level classes and as a journalism major, they are really hands-on, so an entire notebook for each class isn't really that necessary anymore.

As mentioned earlier, I always have my iPad Air 2 with me. I keep it in a pink case. I also carry my Lilly Pulitzer agenda with me. I use the large size and have a sticker from RedBubble on the cover. 

I keep extra pens, pencils, and highlighters in a black case I got for Christmas a few years ago. In a black and white Ipsy bag, I keep ibuprofen, a Tide To Go pen, gum, hair ties, and Burt's Bees lip balm. I also carry an umbrella with me. I got it from TJ Maxx and it is by Steve Madden.

What are some essentials that you keep in your backpack? I love any of the "What's In My..." videos and blog posts, so share some of your favorites with me!

Happy Monday!


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