Updates, Life, Stress...

Happy Tuesday! I have been going 100 miles a minute and haven't had a break and I'm starting to feel run down. If you're in college, you might be like me and have midterms all week. Talk about the stress. I just have to make it through this week. Next week, I'll only be in class Monday and Tuesday because on Wednesday, I leave for San Antonio and then the following week is my spring break!

I'm just sitting here and updating you all on my life, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy! 

Let's start with school! The picture above is from a basketball game I went to. Students get to go to sporting events for free, so it is always a fun thing to do! School is crazy busy. I love all my classes, but everything is starting to pile up, so I've been really busy with that. I'm also pretty involved around campus, so with AOII and being VP of Communications, being the senior editor for Her Campus, and starting a Delight Ministries chapter at my university, I stay busy. 

Next Wednesday, I am heading to San Antonio with the rest of my family to watch my brother graduate from basic training! I'm so excited. It's been about two months and I miss my little brother so much, but I'm so proud. Next week is going to be great.

The following week, I'll be on spring break! I'm so excited. Because I'm a broke college student, I'll just be home and hanging out. If you know of any free or cheap places to visit in Georgia, let me know! I want to do something fun while I'm on break. David and I have planned a short trip to Tybee Island in May! We booked a small place on Airbnb and we're saving up money each week until we go for food and other expenses! I have been dying for a beach vacation, so of course I'm crazy excited!

Well, that's all for today! Tomorrow, I'm sharing my workout routine with you. I've been really good about eating healthy and working out for about two weeks, so I'm really excited to share my routine with you. 


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