5 Essentials for the Perfect Road Trip

Happy Monday! I am spending this week in Tybee Island and I am so excited. I haven't been to the beach in two years.. or is it three? Either way, I haven't been in a while, so I've been saving up to spend a few days at the beach. I am so excited to kick back and relax on the beach for the next few days. I am staying in a condo that I found through Airbnb and I am saving so much money! Sign up using the link and you can save some money on your first booking. I will definitely give you a review of the place I'm staying when I get back!

Tybee Island is just a few hours away from where I  live, but it is a mini road trip! I have traveled much longer (like the 17 hour drive to San Antonio...) so I am not new to road trips. There are five things I definitely think are essentials for the perfect road trip and why keep that to myself?

1. A car charger and/or portable charger
Unless you are the one driving, you will probably be on your phone a lot. If you are driving, you might be using your phone as the GPS. Nobody likes a dead phone, so be sure to have a car charger or portable charger or if you really want to be on the safe side...BOTH!

2. Healthy snacks
I like to bring trail mix or fruit on a road trip. I don't like to load up on chips or junk food because it just makes me feel bloated and gross when sitting in the car for so long. Bringing your own snacks keeps you from being tempted to stop at McDonalds for fries or a gas station for chips and a coke.

3. A backpack or tote bag
I love a cute purse, but when I am going to be in a car for a while, I find that having a backpack or tote bag to keep the things I know I will need during the trip is important. Chances are, your luggage will be in the back somewhere and you don't want to have to stop just to get your Cosmopolitan magazine or phone charger. I typically use my AOII letter bag or my North Face backpack for road trips. One day, I'll be using a Louis Vuitton! But not now because I'm in college and unemployed.

4. A water bottle
I bring a water bottle with my everywhere, but water is so important to have on a road trip. It can be easily refilled and saves you time and money because there is no need to make extra stops along the way if you get thirsty and helps to keep you hydrated!

5. A notebook with a pen or pencil
Put the phone away and get creative. Doodle, write, draw, make a lists of things you want to do while you're away.

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