My Summer Plans

How pretty is Atlanta? I love my city so much and am so thankful to go to college in the city. I am from a town 45 minutes south of Atlanta and the pace is slower, we have country dirt roads, and it is easy to run into people you know. I love this small town, but Atlanta is so great, too.

I am back home for the summer and it is crazy to think that this is most likely my last summer here. I graduate college in December and am planning on applying to radio stations and television stations in Atlanta (which is the market that my small town is also part of), other cities in Georgia like Savannah, and cities along the East Coast, so I will probably be moving. My plans for this last summer is to make connections, intern, and just have fun.

I will be interning with The Adam Bomb Show, which can be heard on Q100 in Atlanta and it is also syndicated to a few other cities. I fell in love with radio while interning with The Bert Show and working in radio is my dream. I am so excited to be able to spend a summer immersed in radio again!

Other than interning, my sister graduates high school, so of course, I'm excited for that! I'm also traveling a bit... Tybee Island and other beach trip when my brother comes home on leave (aka military vacation). I will also be devoting more time to this blog (it has become my baby lol) and working on my YouTube channel! I REALLY want to vlog more. I think that it is a great way to capture memories. I've also joined Planet Fitness and I've really been enjoying it.

What are your summer plans? Let's be friends. Seriously.. comment, say hey, follow me on social media and let me know you're from the blog!


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